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Shirley Caesar gets “cancelled” by Twitter after video surfaces of her defending Kim Burrell, saying Kim should’ve said something when “our President made it alright” [VIDEO]

By Jay Mack Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer A part of the Christian life is to be understanding, accepting, and non-judgmental of others. The past few decades have seen an increase in the homosexual lifestyle. With this has come a deeper understanding of the whole LGBT community. 248872

Tamar Braxton defends her comments about most of Kim Burrell’s critics being Trump supporters and reiterates that most people who went to black churches know how anti-gay they are

By Ricki Says Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer Since the summer, Tamar Braxton has received plenty of bad press, for various reasons. When the summer hit, "The Real" announced she would not be returning as host. Then, more controversy ensued when people tried figuring out exactly what happened. 248580

Kim Burrell faces of the scorn of the LGBT community after saying homosexuals will die in 2017; She apologized, but it wasn’t accepted, leading to a roast of everything Kim Burrell on Twitter

By Ricki Says Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer Still, homosexuality is a hot-button issue and was the driving force behind the recent elections. Even as the LGBT community has gained prominence, they remain in the minority. But, the world has become much more supportive of the community. 247974