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Keely is being blasted by #LHHATL on Twitter, for being all up in Sierra and Shooter’s business, and the fans aren’t here for her now, or next season + Tokyo owns her, calling her “Miss Potato Head” #LHHReunion

By Ricki Says Staff Writer Every now and again, the "Love & Hip Hop" franchise casts a person that's universally liked (Cardi B/Amara La Negra). Then again, they may also bring on a person that is universally hated. Cases of this include the likes of BBOD and Keely. From the jump, BBOD

Keely is getting dragged by Twitter for breaking up with K. Botchey when he already broke up with her and for keeping Bleu DaVinci away from his son for so long … #LHHATL fans on Twitter think she’s trying to get back with her baby daddy

By Ricki Says Staff Writer Almost instantly, Keely rubbed the "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta" fans the wrong way. She was introduced as Just Brittany's manager and the girlfriend of K. Botchey. But, it wasn't long before she revealed Shooter was one of her friends. Sierra, Shooter's ex, left him after all