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Russ to the Rockets! Russell Westbrook and Chris Paul swap places, as Thunder trade Russ to Houston in exchange for CP3 and draft picks + Russ and James Harden reunite

By Jay Rich Staff Writer Literally, Russell Westbrook did everything he could for the Oklahoma City Thunder. Since their inception, he's been right there, from that rough first year, to the NBA Finals run. He also was one of a handful of point guards about to match up with Steph Curry. Russell

Social Media Says The Drake Curse Is Officially Back After Kawhi Leonard Leaves Raptors To Sign With Hometown Clippers In Free Agency After Toronto Won Its First NBA Championship

By Yuriy Andriyashchuk Staff Writer Kawhi Leonard shocked the sports world early this morning around 1:30AM by signing with the hometown Los Angeles Clippers, the other hometown team, (Lakers), along with passing on staying with the Raptors after they just won the NBA Finals. In addition to Leonard, they Clippers also

Kawhi Leonard Puts #NBAFreeAgency On Fire As He Chooses To Sign With Hometown Clippers Over Lakers; Paul George Gets Traded To Clippers From Thunder As Well

By Yuriy Andriyashchuk Staff Writer Ever since NBA free agency started on June 30, everyone wondered where superstar Kawhi Leonard would sign. The options were his Toronto Raptors who just won the NBA title, or the hometown Lakers/Clippers. Now, he finally decided tonight as he picked the Clippers, according to ESPN's

Draymond Green gets blasted on Twitter for Kevin Durant leaving the Warriors and going to the Nets; Reports claim Draymond dared KD to leave during argument, so fans say it’s his fault

By Jay Rich Staff Writer Free agency periods have increasingly become just as exciting as the game, itself. The NBA has evolved, a lot, and has become a very big money game. During each free agency period, players have the chance to both make a lot of money and win a

KD and Kawhi: Fans on Twitter believe Kevin Durant and Kawhi Leonard are teaming up to join the Knicks or Clippers, clowning LeBron and Kyrie, who allegedly want them to join the Lakers or Brooklyn

By Jay Rich Staff Writer The journey of Kevin Durant and Kawhi Leonard is a complicated one, because of the teams. With the Thunder, KD was the leader, often playing the Spurs, in the playoffs. In 2014, the Spurs won the championship, and Kawhi won Finals MVP. Kevin Durant, whose Thunder got