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Kountry Wayne’s Wife, Gena, Unfollows Him on Instagram After Video Surfaced Of Him Kissing His Ex, Jess Hilarious, Who He Dated While He Was Married to Gena [PHOTOS]

By Tamantha Staff Writer Kountry Wayne is not having the best of luck...when it comes to women. Last year, his wife, Gena Colley, found out that Wayne was dating comedian, Jess Hilarious, and quickly filed for divorce. He and Jess went public with their relationship, but he was allegedly still creeping with

After Getting Dumped By Jess Hilarious, Father of 9, Kountry Wayne, Is Back With His Wife, Gena, Even After She Called Him A “Serial Cheater” [PHOTOS]

By Tamantha Staff Writer They always go back to their wife...even if it’s not by choice. Comedian, Kountry Wayne, seems to have made his way back into his marriage with Gena Colley, after his relationship with Jess Hilarious went south. Gena can be seen wearing her ring again, and the two are

Jess Hilarious shares breakdown on IG Story, sharing a message from a fan who told her she was doing too much, and would soon be out of the game [PHOTOS]

By Bossyy Staff Writer Due to her involvement with Kountry Wayne, who is married, Jess Hilarious has received a lot of backlash. The nature of being a comedian means people hitting back at things being said. It's even tougher when rising to fame, via social media. Jess Hilarious is actually the first

Kountry Wayne’s Wife, Gena, Says She Found Out About Him Dating Jess Hilarious and Wanting a Divorce On a Blog; He Was Just Sending Her Explicit Texts The Week Before [PHOTOS]

By Tamantha Staff Writer The wife of comedian, Kountry Wayne, is spilling some more tea about his alleged affair with comedian, Jess Hilarious. Gena Colley is not holding back anything while doing a Q&A with her fans on Instagram. A fan asked “were you blindsided by the divorce or was everything

Jess In The Mess: Fans Say Jess Hilarious is Cancelled After She Made a Racist Video Saying She Felt Threatened Boarding A Plane With a Man Wearing a Turban [VIDEO]

By Tamantha Staff Writer Jess With The Mess is currently trending on twitter, and it’s not because of her jokes. Jess recently posted and deleted a video of herself boarding a plane. A few people ahead of her was a man wearing a turban and Jess recorded him, without his knowledge,

Too Much Dip On Your Chip? Jess Hilarious Deletes VDay Pics With BF, Kountry Wayne, After His Wife Posts Pics Of Them Chilling Together The Day Before [PHOTOS]

By Tamantha Staff Writer Comedian, Kountry Wayne, might have a little too much dip on his chip. His girlfriend, Jess Hilarious, just deleted their Valentine’s Day pictures together and posted a cryptic message about him being “cut off” and thanking him for the house and furniture he bought for her. This

Jess Hilarious is facing backlash, on Twitter, after clapping back on @officialtaygray, calling them the “F-word” on IG, after he calls her out [PHOTO]

By Tamantha Staff Writer Social media definitely gave birth to Jess Hilarious' career and it led to her gaining a TV role. This fall saw the show, "Rel," debut on FOX to solid ratings. Already big on social media, Jess Hilarious became known to the world, outside of just social media. Jess

Cardi B puts The Shade Room on blast for posting about her and Offset breaking up; Fans in the comments, including Jess Hilarious and Milan Christopher, said they think the breakup is fake [PHOTO]

By @MinneeTellsItAll Staff Writer Last night, Cardi B shocked the world, when she revealed she was calling it quits with Offset, following a year of marriage. This news came on the heels of Cuban Doll's ex friend putting her on blast for trying to hook up with Offset. Both Cuban Doll