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The Game says he held a gun on Suge Knight, and his goons, early in his career, after they tried to confront him over some lyrics, and he says it’s been nothing but respect ever since [VIDEO]

By Jay Rich Staff Writer Definitely, The Game brought some different energy to the hip hop world, when he made his 2004 debut. Despite being signed for two years, The Game didn't blow up until then. Signed to Dr. Dre's renowned label, Aftermath, he was put on the backburner for 50

Nick Cannon says Eminem’s driver has a video of him giving oral to another man in scathing diss track, “The Invitation,” featuring Suge Knight #WildNOut [AUDIO]

By Jay Rich Staff Writer Because of his history as a child star, kid actor, and TV host, Nick Cannon isn't taken seriously, as a rapper. Then, the music he put out, wasn't considered the most lyrical. When Nick Cannon got dissed by Eminem, back in 2009, many took it as

JUICE WRLD DIED: Twitter is heartbroken over the sad news of Juice WRLD dying, as they continue with the rest in peace posts, questioning why he died at 21, and crediting his talent… RIP Juice WRLD

By Jay Rich Staff Writer The world knows Juice WRLD best for his "Lucid Dreams" single, but his die-hard fans know how many bops Juice WRLD has. This morning, everybody knows Juice WRLD died, and they know how. But, the question they're grappling with is why. Even knowing a person has passed

Brother Nature gets clowned on Twitter for getting beat up, laying in the corner, as a man kicked him, with fans making jokes about him not seeing the snakes and that he can’t fight [VIDEO]

By Jay Rich Staff Writer The ending of 2019 hasn't been the best for Brother Nature, who recently revealed he had Malaria. That is a tough disease that can very well lead to death. Thankfully, Brother Nature sought treatment, and he healed from it. Unfortunately, Brother Nature went into a restaurant, and

Ray J gets clowned by Twitter, after bragging to Speedy that his glasses are unbreakable, and Speedy breaks them, Ray says “I don’t care” ; Twitter calls him the black Elon Musk [VIDEO]

By Jay Rich Staff Writer It wasn't that long ago, when Ray J was the butt of jokes, for all of his reality TV hosting. He was billed the reality king, as people clowned him for putting Kim Kardashian on, and she got richer than him. But, these past few years

#activeshooter in Pensacola, Florida Naval Air Station is dead, after being shot by police, following lockdown, where shooter left 10 casualties

By Jay Rich Staff Writer Mass shootings are becoming far too common, in America. This summer, the shootings in El Paso, Texas, and Ohio, sparked a national debate about gun control. However, both sides on that spectrum have become more divided, an extreme, about gun freedom and control. While the fighting continues,

Golden State Warriors will have some of their nationally televised games moved off the schedule, as NBA’s TV ratings are down, and Warriors’ losses mount

By Jay Rich Staff Writer Bandwagon fans will say the Golden State Warriors' five year run (2014-2019) came out of nowhere. Actual fans will point out how they showed plenty of fight, during the 2012 lockout season. Even back then, the Warriors were giving LeBron's Heat the business. Eventually, the Warriors would