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Ice Cube Says His Hometown Los Angeles Dodgers Need More Black Players On The Team So They’d Finally Stop Choking In Playoffs [VIDEO]

By Yuriy Andriyashchuk Staff Writer The Los Angeles Dodgers were eliminated in the National League Division Series by the Washington Nationals, 3-1, last week and that made it another season where they'd fell short of winning a World Series. They made back to back appearances to the World Series in 2017

Queen Latifah was giving vibes all night long, celebrating Lizzo, and fans were here for her and Eboni, but when she rode out on the bike, she won the #VMAs on Twitter #MTVVMAs

By Bossyy Staff Writer Suddenly, Queen Latifah is getting all the props, like she hasn't been putting in work for years. But, Queen Latifah is no different than the likes of Will Smith, LL Cool J, and Ice Cube. At the same time they all transitioned from music to films and

John Singleton has died, after his family took him off life support, this afternoon, as fans honor his work “Boyz N The Hood,” “Poetic Justice,” and more #RIPJohnSingleton

By Tamantha Staff Writer There was tons of hope that John Singleton would manage to pull through. Despite all the prayers, John Singleton had to answer this call for an appointment that he couldn't miss. The famed movie producer, who created Boyz N The Hood, is dead. John Singleton helped launch the film

John Singleton, “Boyz N The Hood” creator, has died at the age of 51, after suffering a stroke, and falling into coma #RIPJohnSingleton

By Tamantha Staff Writer Very troubling news coming from John Singleton, as reports are coming in that he has died. Nearly thirty years ago, Singleton put himself on the map, with the seminal film, Boyz N The Hood. Twenty-eight years later, that movie remains a classic. That film launched Ice Cube's acting career

Keke Palmer is going broke? An IG post she made, joking about people trying to scam “when you’re really broke” has people questioning if she’s broke or not [PHOTO]

By Bossyy Staff Writer Over the past few years, Keke Palmer has really been going through it, becoming a person people often check on. Unfortunately, it's mostly for people to see how "bad" she is doing. This is actually what's going on with her latest bit of news. Keke Palmer rose to