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Sage The Gemini kills a rumor before it starts, when he comments on G Herbo’s baby mama, Ari’s pic, telling people not to make much out of it, but she’s fine [PHOTO]

By Bossyy Staff Writer Any time Ari Fletcher's name is brought up, it is normally about a relationship. The world got to know her as G Herbo's girlfriend, and later baby mama. Last year, word was G Herbo broke up with her, and then Ari was associated with Young M.A. However, Ari

Gervonta Davis shades Ari, after video goes viral of her twerking on a yacht, with slick tweet, quoting lyrics about not being bothered about someone hitting his ex [PHOTO + VIDEO]

By Bossyy Staff Writer Towards the end of 2018, social media's favorite couple, G Herbo and Ari Fletcher, appeared to be on the outs. Rumors had it that he was involved with Fabolous' stepdaughter, Taina Williams. The rumors ended up being true. Ari was single, for a little bit, flirting with Young

Gervonta Davis gets put on blast by baby mama, DrettaStarr, after making a shady tweet she assumed was about her, and blasted him for not being responsible for their child, in any way, not even paying for the birthday party

By Bossyy Staff Writer For years, Gervonta Davis was simply known as a talented boxer with potential to be the next big thing. While that's still the case, he is in the gossip headlines every day. That is due to his relationship with Ari, best-known for her failed romance with G

Ari goes off on The Shade Room for posting an old video of her posting Gervonta Davis: “stop f*cking playing with me you messy a** b*tches! I’m about to get on my Cardi B sh*t!” [VIDEO]

By Bossyy Staff Writer Over the past five years, The Shade Room rose to become one of the top media outlets, period. Their format has led to anyone who wants to be taken seriously, as an outlet, pouring a lot of resources into having an Instagram page. With innovation comes backlash,

Gervonta Davis is back with Ari, following all the drama she went through with G Herbo, from the perceived flirting, to the alleged fighting, and Herbo’s arrest, as Gervonta posts her on his IG Story, last night [PHOTO]

By Bossyy Staff Writer Two weeks ago, Ari and G Herbo put pride to the side to celebrate the first birthday of their child. The two looked like they had a lot of fun, even play fighting after the party. Apparently, this upset Gervonta Davis, as he broke up with Ari,