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Flawless Real Talk – “All Yours” [Video]

Flawless Real Talk All Yours

Hip-Hops Newest Real Spitter Prepares To Release His 3rd EP In 5 Months And Releases New Sultry Video Featuring Taylor Hing AKA "Chinese Kitty" Man, 2017 has been a busy year for Flawless Real Talk, as he is set to release his third EP in the past 5 months. "The Vault", Dropping Oct 13th, will put

“Going Up” Flawless Real Talk Latest EP release

Flawless Real Talk Going Up EP

What Can I Say? He's Good! His name suits him well because his skills are impeccably flawless. Flawless Real Talk is an influential lyricist who provides a focused, uplifting alternative for music lovers of all ages. With his hot new EP titled "Going Up", he does not fall short of what he's previously released. He

“Intruders” is Flawless Real Talk Best Work

Flawless Real Talk Intruders

Haven't you heard? Flawless Real Talk Has A New Music Video! If you live under a rock I can understand why you'd be lost right now, but if you don't then I know you've heard about Flawless Real Talk new music video, "Intruders". Suspenseful is one of many words to best describe the feel of