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Master P and No Limit get trashed on Twitter, over St. Louis show, as STL booed them while they were performing, and P walked off stage [VIDEO]

By Bossyy Staff Writer First and foremost, Master P is a businessman, which he reminds people in every interview he does. A part of what makes Master P so successful is his ability to sense an opportunity. After seeing what J-Boog organized with B2K's reunion tour, Master P wanted in. Before that,

NBA player, Reggie Bullock, suffers the loss of another sibling, sister, Kiosha Moore, died in Baltimore, due to gun violence, with Keith Combs from NC’s 101.9 confirming the news

By Bossyy Staff Writer Local hero, Reggie Bullock was the Kinston High School basketball phenom, in 2010-2011. His heroics led the team to state championships and put him on the radar. Despite the hype to be a one and done, he spent two years at UNC, where he rounded his skills. Reggie

Pastor Wilson, David Wilson, takes over Twitter, after his alleged sextape goes viral, with people saying they regret seeing why he was trending, and criticizing the pastor for cheating on his wife + Deacon jokes and memes take over social media [VIDEO]

By Bossyy Staff Writer Sliding into the top trending Twitter topic is Pastor Wilson. There are several pastors who have made names for themselves, via social media. While Pastor Wilson didn't have much of a profile, he most definitely does now. Pastor Wilson is fast becoming a household name, as he has

K Camp pulls out of Prairie View A&M University Homecoming, after students complain about him being booked, and Twitter agrees with the rapper’s decision to leave the ungrateful fans with their wish

By Bossyy Staff Writer One of the first rappers to blow up in the social media era was K Camp, who was on his grind in Atlanta. Not only did he do all the local shows, he pushed his music, hard, on Facebook and Twitter. By 2014, K Camp had a

Instagram removes popular “Following Activity” tab from the app

By Bossyy Staff Writer The success of Instagram is really something to pay attention to. This social network ended up overtaking Facebook and Twitter, in some ways, but was acquired by Facebook, early in the game. But, the growth happened when TwitPic was still a thing. Not only did Instagram become the

Man climbs through Popeye’s drive thru window to beat employee, after finding out they ran out of chicken sandwiches [VIDEO]

By Bossyy Staff Writer For real, people need to stop it with the nonsense. With all these shootings happening, this is the last thing people need. Recently, all the craze has been Popeye's chicken launching their new chicken sandwich. This sandwich has become one of Facebook's biggest discussions, over the past week.

Black woman, Lia Gant, says she was asked to give up her seat, at Bloomfield, Michigan restaurant for white men, and her drink was poured down the drain, when she told the manager, and the bartender refused to serve her [VIDEO]

By Bossyy Staff Writer In this day and age, it is sad that people are still being discriminated upon, because of race. Close to sixty years, since the Civil Rights movement, people are still fighting for equality. Unfortunately, Lia Gant became the latest person to endure senseless racism. Lia Gant was recently

Phoenix woman, Latisha Patterson, gets followed to her car, and harassed by a man, who tried to enter her car, all because she turned him down, when he came onto her [VIDEO]

By Bossyy Staff Writer In Phoenix, Latisha Patterson went out shopping, as most people do, and she ran across an unwanted encounter. Things like this happen all time, especially with women. A man happens to see a woman, unattached, and assume she's both single and interested. Normally, while a woman will remain

Black woman, Elda Shepherd, details nightmare experience at Dominican Republic resort, where a man came in her hotel room NAKED, while she was sleeping [DETAILS]

By Bossyy Staff Writer Normally a popular vacation destination, the Dominican Republic has seen a major hit in their reputation, this summer. Already, a Maryland couple died, while vacationing, along with another woman. Now, someone else is speaking out. Elda Shepherd, thankfully, has lived to tell her story, and she is back