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5 Best Cruises That Have the Best Musical Entertainment

 In 2017, 25.8 million people went on a cruise ship for a vacation. Maybe you're thinking about planning a cruise but want to make sure that you have some good entertainment. Cruising at sea is not complete without a little bit of music. Keep reading for 5 best cruises that have the best musical

#MisheardLyrics: Fans take to Twitter to share their interpretations of lyrics from some of the biggest songs from Justin Timberlake, Busta Rhymes, Fallout Boy, and more @JimmyFallon

By Alyssa Debonair Staff Writer One of music's favorite pastimes is actually enjoying the music. After hearing a song, people begin knowing them word-for-word, and even making some songs their favorites. Other songs eventually end up being loathed, but still. When people gravitate towards music, they interpret the lyrics differently. This is

RED NOSE DAY gets support from Ludacris… and Zoobe?

Ludacris REd Nose DAy Pic

Yes that's true!!! Amongst 65 other celebs, Ludacris weighs in on the Red Nose Love!!! You, and when I say you, we mean the amazing reader that's taking the time to read this, might not be a celebrity but German App developer Zoobe has created a way for everyone to raise