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Dave East keeps it real about Lil Nas X, writing off “Old Town Road” single as “wack,” setting Twitter off, as they drag him, saying they have never heard one of his songs, let alone a number one hit [VIDEO]

By Prince Hakeem Staff Writer Let it be known that knows who Dave East is, very well, and has been posting him since 2012. Actually, in 2013, HHV had the chance to interview him on camera. Aside from being partnered with Nas, and signed to Def Jam, he has a

Dave East holds NYC vigil for Nipsey Hussle and calls his killer, a “sucker who killed a king,” earning nothing but love and praise from Twitter

By Yuriy Andriyashchuk Staff Writer A veteran in the game, Dave East has always been a fan favorite. His music, for whatever reason, hasn't crossed over into the mainstream, but his fans love his music. Even people unfamiliar with his music seem to be fans of his. Dave East represents Harlem and