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Amber Rose shuts down the rumors of her and Lil Pump dating, saying she’s old enough to be his mother, and says people are “corny AF” for thinking that after she lit his cigarette [PHOTOS]

By Ricki Says Staff Writer About a week ago, while Coachella was still going on, Amber Rose was out there. Most remember her shooting her shot at Nicki Minaj, who accused her of not really being about that life. However, what really took center stage was the above photo. Amber Rose ended

Amber Rose shoots her shot at Nicki Minaj, sharing pic of her on IG Story, saying “f*ck me” + Nicki Minaj responds that she just saw her at #Coachella and didn’t have that energy, telling her to “knock it off” [PHOTO]

By Ricki Says Staff Writer Ever since she rose to fame, Nicki Minaj has always played about her sexuality. Never did she do this more than when she featured on the hit single from Usher, "Lil Freak." But, there are plenty of women who are really about that life. Nicki Minaj stole