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50 Cent disses Jimmy Henchman on Instagram for snitching [PHOTO]

By Fio Borrelli Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer Obviously, there is no love lost between 50 Cent and Jimmy Henchman. For years, most associated Jimmy Henchman as a high-powered hip hop manager, handling the affairs for Game and many others. But, in 2011, Jimmy Henchman was revealed to be a major crime

Jimmy Henchman reportedly made several attempts to kill Chris Lighty

By Fio Borrelli Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer Many of hip hop's biggest mysteries have been solved in recent years. Tupac Shakur went to his grave believing Diddy and The Notorious B.I.G. were behind his 1994 shooting at Quad Studios in New York City. In 2011, the world learned Jimmy Henchman was

The Death of Chris Lighty, One Year Later

By K.B. Tindal Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer Few people provided as much insight and energy for the rap game as Chris Lighty did over the span of his career. Hearts were broken when news broke about Chris Lighty's death. Hip hop and entertainment as a whole mourned the death of Chris

Busta Rhymes ft. Bob Marley – “Chris Lighty”

Busta Rhymes was a proud client of Chris Lighty's company, Violator Management. Chris Lighty was responsible for a lot of careers taking off and, among them, is Busta Rhymes. In honor of the anniversary of Chris Lighty's death, Busta Rhymes sampled Bob Marley on his new song, properly titled "Chris

50 Cent addresses texting controversy with son via Twitter

By K.B. Tindal Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer Never has 50 Cent been a stranger to controversy. He has been a mainstream star for a little over a decade and it would be easier naming an artist he does not have beef with. A lot can be said about 50 Cent, but

Album Review: Emilio Rojas – “No Shame, No Regrets”

By Hardcore Critic Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer Though it has only been a few days since Emilio Rojas released No Shame, No Regrets, it feels like it has been months. A lot of albums have come out over the past two weeks and among them was this independent release from Emilio Rojas. No