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Jussie Smollett will not appear on “Empire” next season, as his character will be on his honeymoon for the entirety of the final season #Empire

By Bossyy Staff Writer An era is definitely coming to an end, as "Empire" is entering its final season. Once TV's highest-rated show, ever, "Empire" has seen a sharp decline in ratings since season two. But, the decline in season five, most blame Jussie Smollett for. When "Empire" began, Jussie Smollett was

HHV Exclusive: Spotify Hosts Chance The Rapper’s ‘The Big Day’ album release party for Chicago Fans and Friends [VIDEO]

By Tamantha Staff Writer Last night, I got the privilege of being invited to Chance The Rapper’s album release party for his new album ‘The Big Day.’ This wasn’t a normal album release party, this one was put on JUST for his Chicago-based fans. Spotify hosted the event at the beautiful Garfield

#JusticeForJanise: Janise Harris has been found safe, as the Chicago PD launches an investigation + Girls who jumped her give teary apology, revealing they have received threats [VIDEOS]

By Bossyy Staff Writer This week, one of the saddest stories hit the internet. In Chicago, the world learned of a young lady named Janise Harris, who happened to be going through a hard time. Sadly, this hard time got harder, as the young lady was bullied, with it all being

#JusticeForJanise: Group of kids physically attack a mentally disabled girl, whose mother died, and share it on social media, sparking outrage on Twitter, and an investigation from the Chicago PD

By Bossyy Staff Writer STOP TRYING TO MAKE THIS INTO A POLITICAL DEBATE. A young girl who is simply trying to go to school and live a good life was harassed and beaten by those who should have protected her. Period, that is all there is to it. Yes, this happened in

83 Futures: A Brand Made Exclusively For Organ Donors

By Tamantha Staff Writer This past weekend at ComplexCon Chicago, I was able to learn about a brand that has changed my outlook on the importance of being an organ donor. 83 Futures launched, with one goal in mind: to save lives. The only way to even be able to purchase any