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YBN Almighty Jay’s Felony Theft Case Involving Allegedly Stealing $80k In Cash And Jewelry From Skinnyfromthe9 At Video Shoot Dropped After Nobody Filed Charges Against Him [VIDEO]

By Yuriy Andriyashchuk Staff Writer YBN Almighty Jay has been going through a lot of drama lately as he got beat down in New York City a week ago in which his Rap-A-Lot chain was taken. J Prince was able to end up getting it back though. He was put in

Willie Bo, rising California rapper, gets shot to death by the police, while sleeping in his car, outside of a local Taco Bell

By Tamantha Staff Writer Always, there is something going on between some person of color and law enforcement. Recently, a California rapper became a casualty, due to police violence. The pains of being an up-and-coming artist means some broke days. By now, most people are familiar with Tyler Perry, and his story.