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Brooke Valentine is NOT returning to “Love & Hip Hop Hollywood,” according to rumors, but Zell Swag and Omarion are #LHHH

By Bossyy Staff Writer Apparently, "Love & Hip Hop Hollywood" is headed for another cast shakeup. Already, Teairra Mari has been confirmed to be exiting the show, allegedly due to the 50 Cent drama. However, there are some other high-profile exits. In 2017, Brooke Valentine finally joined the cast, having been rumored

Moniece … Why is she so concerned with La’Britney; Fans on Twitter are glad La’Britney checked her and want her to focus on her own ish, but glad they made friends #LHHH

By M.A.C. Staff Writer Ahead of this London trip, Moniece had a lot to say about La'Britney. In the beginning of the episode, Brooke Valentine was being shady, talking about Moniece behind her back. But, the joke ended up being on Brooke, as Moniece walked up, mid-sentence. Moniece, meanwhile, had a lot

Of course Brooke knows Akbar; #LHHH fans aren’t surprised with Brooke Valentine’s news, but they want her to know they think Marcus isn’t feeling her, and that she should know that

By M.A.C. Staff Writer Tonight, Brooke Valentine didn't have much to say, but she is still trying to lock it down with Marcus. On the other side of the city, Paris is still digging up dirt on Akbar, Teairra's new man. When Paris went to spill her tea, Brooke had tons

Paris gets clowned by Twitter for saying she’s going to the gym to find Akbar, with one fan saying she should look for him on a treadmill… #LHHH fans drag her for telling Teairra’s business to everyone like regular tea

By M.A.C. Staff Writer Most people forgot about Paris, following the end of K. Michelle's first season of her show. Back then, she was K's ride or die, but K later accused her of robbing her. In the years since then, Paris says her career has struggled. "Love & Hip Hop Hollywood"