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Memes in Hip-Hop: How Memes Are Helping Artists Reach the Top

In the era of social media networking, advertising has taken many conventional formats with the most popular form appealing to humor through the use of memes. Memes are older than social media as they were cultivated from online forums, and lately, the use of memes in hip hop has proven to

Top 5 Smartest Songwriters

Any songwriter will tell you that inspiration to write a song is unpredictable and uncontrollable. How do they find the right words to explain the inexplicable? Either way, it is as interesting as writing a music essay. Songs spring out of interesting mistakes, accidents, emotional turmoil, and private pain. Songwriting

Khaled smh… DJ Khaled shares video, ranting about his album sales, and Twitter goes in on him, saying the label did more than enough, accuses him of using his son for clout, and being mad at Tyler over #IGOR [VIDEO]

By Bossyy Staff Writer Earlier this week, rumors were reported about DJ Khaled going off on a tantrum, over Father of Asahd debuting at number two on the Billboard albums chart. This was disappointing for Khaled, who put in a lot of work on the album. Most people didn't believe it really happened. DJ

DJ Khaled reportedly threw a temper tantrum after “Father of Asahd,” his new album, debuted at number two on the Billboard album charts #FatherofAsahd

By Bossyy Staff Writer These past few years, DJ Khaled has proven to be more than the typical DJ with the A&R singles. Instead, Khaled has been getting it in, topping the Billboard Hot 100. His single, "Wild Thoughts," is regarded as a classic by most. Because of the success of Grateful, DJ