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RIP Lashawn Daniels: Famed producer and songwriter for the likes of Beyoncé, Michael Jackson, and many more, died this morning #RIPLashawnDaniels

By Bossyy Staff Writer Every year, it appears as though there are a number of deaths to the legends. The reason why certain times are special is because of the people who helped the greats create them. Such a man was producer/songwriter, Lashawn Daniels. The legendary producer worked with countless legends. Perhaps

#WhatHaveYouDone challenge takes over Twitter, as Jay-Z explains his NFL deal, and speaks on his efforts to get people out of jail and feed people + Jermaine Dupri’s interview about Jay not doing Super Bowl resurfaces, where he admits no one boycotted [VIDEOS]

By Jay Rich Staff Writer Currently, Jay-Z is catching a lot of flack over his NFL deal. To make matters worse, he was portrayed as a backstabber, in the media, when it was revealed Jermaine Dupri had a similar deal. However, he was advised by Jay-Z to not take it. As Jay-Z