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Frankie Beverly got Twitter worried, when they saw him trending, but thankfully he’s okay, and fans are shocked that some people have never heard of him, asking what they thought the Beyoncé song was, guessing he’s just “Black Famous”

By Bossyy Staff Writer Sometimes, Twitter can really be a mess, but just be thankful that they aren't making fun of somebody, for once. Instead, Twitter is united, honoring the legend of Frankie Beverly. This morning, a lot of people woke up to see him trending on Twitter. Thankfully, nothing has happened

Beyoncé has Twitter mad, with her “billion dollar” clutch, but some tried to say J. Lo had the money purse first, but fans said Queen Bey definitely had it first; #BeyHive asks why people are worried about her purse, when Bill Gates is the richest man in the world, the epitome of capitalism

By Bossyy Staff Writer One thing about it, Beyonce is the wife of Jay-Z, and he was the first rapper to stylishly flaunt being rich. He has many ways of letting the world know he got the bag. While Beyonce doesn't brag as much, she also has BARS, where she's let

Ciara and Russell Wilson nailed it with their Beyonce and Jay-Z costume for Halloween and Twitter says they nailed it, loving the photo of Barack and Michelle Obama in the background

By Bossyy Staff Writer There was a time when it looked as if Ciara would occupy the space that Beyonce currently holds. Now, there was never a question of how big Beyonce could be, because she's been topping Billboard since her first solo single. But, Ciara was once considered of that

Woman, @_suckafreesi, makes bold, explosive claims about Cuba Gooding, Jr., accusing him of grabbing her butt, and asking to drugs off her; Twitter accuses her of clout chasing, questioning if she’s even serious with her story

By Bossyy Staff Writer By the early 2000s, Cuba Gooding, Jr. was one of the biggest actors in Hollywood, doing all the major movies. It's hard to believe Cuba once played opposite Beyonce, and HE was the major star. That year was 2003 and The Fighting Temptations was the movie. The following year,