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Police want to question Fredo Bang over NBA Youngboy shooting, in Miami

By Jay Rich Staff Writer Since 2015, NBA Youngboy has been putting out viral videos, showing his potential to become a star. Finally, NBA Youngboy broke through, with "I Am Who They Say I Am." That single, featuring Quando Rondo and Kevin Gates, is looking like the summer anthem. While NBA Youngboy

Boosie and his questionable Jussie Smollett caption have Twitter wondering exactly what he meant, questioning if their favorite rapper just came out of the closet + Boosie changed his caption

By Tamantha Staff Writer Most people consider Boosie to be one of the hardest rappers in the game. Few people survive the things he has gone through, let alone to still have a thriving career. The Baton Rouge rapper did five years in prison and then beat pancreatic cancer. Boosie is definitely