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Police want to question Fredo Bang over NBA Youngboy shooting, in Miami

By Jay Rich Staff Writer Since 2015, NBA Youngboy has been putting out viral videos, showing his potential to become a star. Finally, NBA Youngboy broke through, with "I Am Who They Say I Am." That single, featuring Quando Rondo and Kevin Gates, is looking like the summer anthem. While NBA Youngboy

Baton Rouge police officers won’t be charged in the shooting of Alton Sterling, as per Jeff Landry, Louisiana Attorney General #AltonSterling #RIPAltonSterling [VIDEO]

By Chox-Mak Staff Writer Sometimes, it feels like there's no justice in the world. Things happen, for no reason, and people who did nothing wrong are forced to suffer someone else's consequences. This is the reason that hip hop was created and this is why most rappers brag and stunt so