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“Love & Hip Hop Miami” cast for season three revealed, as all core cast returns, plus Trick Daddy’s girlfriend, @nikkinatural, and #LHHATL vets, Tommie and Joseline #LHHMIA [PHOTOS]

By Bossyy Staff Writer On January 6, "Love & Hip Hop Miami" returns for its third season. Of all the shows in the franchise, the Miami edition has struggled, as the other shows have built audiences. Their struggles come in spite of being led by Trick Daddy and Trina, veteran artists

They Are Related! Spectacular Gets Pretty Ricky To Sit Down To Talk About Getting Back Together; Fans Are Shocked Because They Didn’t Know Members In The Group Were Related; “Pretty Ricky Is Family’? #LHHMIA [PHOTO]

By Ahsinet Monee Staff Writer Three members of the group are related to one another. During tonight's episode, Spectacular got the group to sit down to talk about making new music. In the midst of the conversation, Spectacular and Baby Blue mention the situation that happened with their father. Which has fans

Baby Blue, former Pretty Ricky member, and star of VH1’s “Love & Hip Hop Miami,” gets into a fight while filming, and leaves a man in the ER #LHHMIA

By Ahsinet Monee Staff Writer Most people forgot about the Pretty Ricky members, outside of Pleasure P and Spectacular. But, when "Love & Hip Hop Miami" premiered, Baby Blue was the one who stuck out. In the very first episode, on New Year's Day, at that, Baby Blue showed out. Shay Johnson

Baby Blue, of Pretty Ricky and “Love & Hip Hop Miami,” spotted commenting on another man’s booty pic, sparking gay rumors; #LHHMIA star tells people “stop the foolishness,” explaining he hit him up for social media marketing services [PHOTOS]

By Ricki Says Staff Writer There was one thing that "Love & Hip Hop Miami" did that people respected. The show focused on actual artists, and their complicated love lives. On top of that, they brought on real Miami artists, giving tons of shine to Baby Blue. It wasn't hard to give

Shay Johnson reveals she has had a lump in her breast, for the past two years, that she is getting checked out, and advises everyone to get their breasts checked out #LHHATL #LHHMIA [VIDEO]

By Ricki Says Staff Writer Back in 2006, fans met Shay Johnson, for the first time, when she was on "Flavor of Love." She was known as Buckeey, back then, and she competed for Flavor Flav's heart, losing in the end. Six years later, she showed up on "Love & Hip

Pleasure P and Baby Blue got into a fight after Pretty Ricky show and people say that Pleasure P got the upper hand, and he had time to explain it to the fans #LHHMIA #LHHMiami

By Ricki Says Staff Writer Anyone who watched "Love & Hip Hop Miami," season one, saw the potential of a Pleasure P/Baby Blue fight. In the first two episodes, they got into a heated argument. Their first meeting saw Shay get in Blue's face, on behalf of Pleasure. There were a few