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No NBA … #NBATwitter is heated, because there’s no Rockets/Warriors or Celtics/Cavaliers, tonight, but the ladies of Twitter are celebrating no NBA for TWO DAYS

By G Moniy HHV Sports Staff Writer The players needed the break, for sure, but what about the people? It feels like something's wrong with the world, right now. But, heck, regardless of who wins the title, it's not like they're trying to go meet the president, anyway, LOL. These 2018 NBA Playoffs

Kyrie and Gordon… Twitter reacts to the Celtics blowout Game 1 win over the Cavs without Irving or Hayward even playing, and can’t wait to see Uncle Drew with this squad #BOSvsCLE #CavsCeltics

By G Moniy HHV Sports Staff Writer From the way they beat the Sixers, and how they manhandled the Cavs, in Game 1, the Celtics were the team people were sleeping on. In the regular season, it was all about Kyrie vs. LeBron. That, in turn, made it all about the Cavs

Damn Philly! Fans go in on the Sixers, on Twitter, for choking against the Celtics, Ben Simmons vanishing again, and going down 0-3 without Kyrie and Hayward … AND THEY DROPPED CONFETTI!!! #BosvsPHI #76ers

By G Moniy HHV Sports Staff Writer Alright, so this one kinda goes two different ways. On one hand, yeah, the Sixers definitely choked against the Celtics. At the same time, though, the Sixers are a young team that may have really overachieved, in the playoffs. In the modern NBA, it's rare for