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On The Rise: Kayos Key-iD

By Stranga The Great Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer Music, especially hip hop music, knows no bounds. Many consider hip hop to be the universal language and there are rappers all over the world coming up. One rapper with an emerging buzz is Kayos Key-iD, who is originally from Lagos, Nigeria. 160739

T.I. arrives in Africa and gets screened for Ebola [PHOTO]

By Tre' Smith Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer Years ago, T.I. established himself as the king of the South and he put out tons of classic music from the 2003-2008 period. Prison sentences, age, and a change in fan interest has left T.I. without the same star power he once had. Still,

Hottie of The Week: Tracy Obonna

By Stranga The Great Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer Often, a lot of attention is given to the models who are here, from the United States. No question, America is beautiful and the women here are some of the prettiest in the world, but the Motherland deserves some love, too. Everything originated