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#LHHH’s Lyrica Says A1 Shows No Remorse for Cheating and Shouldn’t Feel Hurt, Twitter Calls Their Marriage Toxic and Says They’re Getting on Their Nerves

By Ashley Te'Arra Reality News Writer Lyrica and A1's relationship hasn't gotten any better, but many are hoping that there's still hope. Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood's third part of their reunion shows just that. Although both of them have admitted to their infidelities, Lyrica doesn't feel that A1 has a right to

Ray J denies ever leaving Princess stranded, begging her to not let social media come between them; Princess calls him a liar IG Live, exposing him for having a secret phone, and A1 tells her to end the live #LHHH [VIDEOS]

By Bossyy Staff Writer The whole time Ray J and Princess Love have been together, all they've done is fight. Their whole romance has played out, over six seasons of "Love & Hip Hop Hollywood." This relationship saw Ray J evolve from a playboy to a husband. Ray J is currently making

Misster Ray said a man should not hit a gay man and Twitter calls BS, saying A1 was well within his rights to slap him for talking about his son + He’s still a man #LHHH

By Bossyy Staff Writer Two years ago, Misster Ray joined "Love & Hip Hop Hollywood," and it was quickly established that he always gets hit. Every other episode featured Zell Swag physically attacking him. It came to a head, during the reunion, when Zell sucker-punched Ray, making him cry. When Misster Ray