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A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie and Ella Bands are now beefing on social media, with A Boogie accusing her of not letting him see their child, and Ella telling him he waited until she caught him cheating to finally let the family go on tour [PHOTOS]

By Tamantha Staff Writer Over the weekend, Ella Bands and A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie became the major topic of discussion. Their on again/off again relationship has become a favorite topic, among IG blogs. After all, Ella Bands chooses to always publicly air A Boogie out. A Boogie, since 2016, has consistently

Ella Bands exposes A Boogie for cheating, again, even exposing the girl he was cheating with, blasting him for “cheating with a white girl” ; A Boogie responds, saying anyone who believes her can “eat a d*ck” [VIDEO + PHOTOS]

By Tamantha Staff Writer About a year ago, exactly, A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie was first put on blast by Ella Bands. The popular stylist is not only A Boogie's longtime girlfriend, but she is also the mother of his child. Despite this, A Boogie was accused, by her, of being

Ella Bands blast A Boogie, again, this time over him getting upset over her posting sexy IG pics of herself, accusing him of chasing girls that look like this, and telling him to “grow up,” as he seems to break up with her [PHOTOS]

By Tamantha Staff Writer Really, these "celebrity" hip hop couples need to get it together. For well over a year, Ella Bands and A Boogie have been going through it. A year ago, she said she was done with him, after accusing him of cheating on her. The two do share a