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Casanova Talks New EP ‘Free At Last’, Wise Words From Jay-Z and Ty Ty and 6ix9ine Situation on “Sway In The Morning” [VIDEO]

By Yuriy Andriyashchuk Staff Writer Having all the right pieces around him, Casanova is in good position to be the next major rap star. On top of everything else, Casanova has the consistency. Via Memphis Bleek's Warehouse label, Casanova is signed to Roc Nation, and he has grown close to Jay-Z. Casanova

Reports Say Tekashi 6ix9ine Has Cut A Deal With The Feds As His Name Doesn’t Appear As A Defendant On The New Filed Charges ; Could 6ix9ine Be Working With The Feds As An Informant?

  By @MinneeTellsItAll Contributing Writer           Looks like Tekashi 6ix9ine is cutting a deal with the Feds according to Page Six. New charges were filed on Thursday (January 31st), but Daniel Hernandez isn’t named as a defendant in the latest “Nine Trey” court indictment. In the new filed case papers, three new names appear

Tekashi 69 Was Denied Bail Again! Close Friend and Member of 6ix 9ine’s Crew Leaves Bail Hearing To Report The Decision and Says It’s Still F*cking Trey Way!

 By @MinneeTellsItAll Contributing Writer The last couple of days have been hell for the “FEFE” rapper, Tekashi 69. Shortly after his lawyer had to be removed from his racketeering case due to a conflict of interest, 6ix 9ine then was denied bail.  Thanks to Billy Ado, a member of Tekashi's crew who