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KD and Kawhi: Fans on Twitter believe Kevin Durant and Kawhi Leonard are teaming up to join the Knicks or Clippers, clowning LeBron and Kyrie, who allegedly want them to join the Lakers or Brooklyn

By Jay Rich Staff Writer The journey of Kevin Durant and Kawhi Leonard is a complicated one, because of the teams. With the Thunder, KD was the leader, often playing the Spurs, in the playoffs. In 2014, the Spurs won the championship, and Kawhi won Finals MVP. Kevin Durant, whose Thunder got

Game 6 Klay has come up huge in #Game2, sparking huge run from 3rd Quarter Warriors, that has the Raptors on the ropes, and Twitter thinks this series might be 1-1, going back to Oracle

By Jay Rich Staff Writer The Golden State Warriors were considered, by some, to be DOA, after losing Game 1. To many, the Raptors' dominating Game 1 win was proof the Warriors couldn't win the title, without Kevin Durant. This is in spite of the Warriors nearly winning two titles without

Wow Philly! Marco Belinelli just saved the Sixers’ playoff hopes, with his CLUTCH AF shot, and JJ Redick, as Twitter says Belinelli is more than their MVP, he’s their hero #BOSvsPHI

By G Moniy HHV Sports Staff Writer Either these people don't watch basketball, or they forgot who Marco Belinelli is. A few years ago, Marco was one of the many reasons that the Miami Heat lost LeBron James. During the 2014 Finals, Marco was key to the Spurs winning Tim Duncan's last

Kawhi … SMH; The Spurs fans trash Kawhi Leonard, on Twitter, for not even being at the Warriors vs. Spurs Game 1, #NBAPlayoffs, and fans say he’s probably at home playing Fortnite #GoSpursGo

By G Moniy HHV Sports Staff Writer A year ago, nobody would have expected Kawhi Leonard to be on the outs with the Spurs. He is living proof that the Spurs are the super franchise, the franchise of all franchises. How are the Spurs moving past the Tim Duncan era?, Kawhi Leonard. In

Fans predict the NBA Playoffs series, between the Golden State Warriors and San Antonio Spurs; Most agree it’s a six game series, but say it’s Spurs in 7, if it goes that far

By G Moniy HHV Sports Staff Writer Since 2014, the Golden State Warriors have owned the NBA. Even in the year where they didn't win the championship, they went 73-9, the best record of all-time. When they lost, they signed Kevin Durant, completely overshadowing the actual champions. What many people have forgotten is

Bald LeBron: LeBron James has finally given up on the hairline and cut his hair; #NBA Twitter is thinking of the all-time greats who went bald and say Cavs in 6 in 2018 #NBAFinals

By G Moniy HHV Sports Staff Writer Leave it to LeBron James to crash the Golden State Warriors championship parade. Even funnier is how LeBron wasn't even in Oakland and he stole the attention. In his career, LeBron had a lot of rivalries, but Golden State has become the biggest one. 285852