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#NoBeef: Waka Flocka Flame and Gucci Mane end their beef

By Fio Borrelli Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer Early last year, some of the most-shocking hip hop news came when Gucci Mane disowned and banned Waka Flocka Flame, kicking him out of 1017 Brick Squad. Despite no longer being on the main label, Waka Flocka Flame continued Brick Squad Monopoly. He also

Gucci Mane will face travel restrictions once released from prison

By Fio Borrelli Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer Over the past two years, Gucci Mane has been the most-controversial figure in hip hop. The things he has said and done have left many shocked and appalled, making it clear he was suffering inside. Suffering or not, Gucci Mane has been in jail

Young Dolph talks 1017 status with Vlad TV [VIDEO]

By DJ Junior Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer In the past, there have been misconceptions about Young Dolph being actually signed to 1017 Records. But, Young Dolph made it clear he was not Gucci Mane's artist, but the timing seemed a little off. However, Young Dolph is a major supporter of the

Gucci Mane reveals “Gucci vs. Guwop” track listing

By DJ Junior Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer The king of the trap music scene is Gucci Mane, hands down. 1017 is making great strides and Gucci Mane is not slowing down with his music releases. Several albums have come from Gucci Mane, already, and he is putting out more with the