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The I Of A Genius: ‘Thank You, For Being You…’

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The I Of A Genius: ‘Thank You, For Being You…’

Rapidly growing out of the Garden State is rapper The I of a Genius. The Paterson-bred artist is here to drop off his highly anticipated 

Thank you, for being you: Deluxe Album. While penning a letter to himself this new piece of art comes as a staple for self-love. The 12-track Thank you, for being you :Deluxe Album reflects the The i of a Genius’ self-awareness and growth. As a result, the NJ rhymer hopes to utilize this project to spread the importance of loving oneself. 

Genius not only showcases his distinctive musical sound as he delivers impressive wordplay, but unleashes his personality as well. In fact, the tone of the album is a blend of poetry and authentic hip-hop/rap. There’s a wide set of influences buried deep within each of the instrumentals he goes in over. But, it rests deeper than that. The hardcore days of his past are evident in his delivery, as well as heard in his raspy, chilled lyricism.

The I of a Genius Raps 4 Da Soul … 

The album opens up with a skit about how the truth is in the youth & in the ghetto before transitioning seamlessly into the “InnaCitiKid” track. Following up with tracks like “Skies The Limit Pt. & 2” and “Highbeam” the versatility and talent continue to shine through. Next, comes as a Jersey link up with the Roper Williams-producedRap 4 da $oul” track. In fact it’s the first installment to the hot new release. 

While records like, “B.F.W.B.” (Bullets Fly With Birds) and the Poe The Wizard-producedFeed The Power” really solidify the project’s significance. To wrap up, Genius harmonizes on the outro before it leaves off on an old school fruit loop commercial. 

His thought-provoking rhymes are laid over a variety of beats from start to finish. Although the rapping is what will reel you in, the production is what will keep you around. Additionally, his eclectic taste in production ranges from traditional to futuristic; with Jazz undertones and synths pairing perfectly with raw hip-hop elements. The project’s approach is daring yet still paying tribute to the norms of hip-hop. 

Thank you, for being you … 

Bringing creativity, impeccable lyricism, and out-of-the box production and beat selections, this is a no-skip necessary project. Overall, The i of a Genius dropped a well crafted project and will really get you in the vibe. Pungently direct, yet shrouded in intermittent poeticism, his endearing character carried his early releases. Now he has just become a part of the stellar package with the release of Thank you, for being you: Deluxe Album. Press play here for the premiere! Let us know what you think! 


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