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The Diamond District’s Best Kept Secret Millennial Latin X Jeweler Santo Medina


The Diamond District’s Best Kept Secret Millennial Latin X Jeweler Santo Medina

Meet Santo Medina A Jeweler To Remember 

From the El barrio to the world-famous diamond district in the heart of New York City. An architect and an overall artist that has transmuted his skill set into the diamond industry.


Santo Medina is the new edgy jeweler that will customize any idea to your liking. Hailing from the capital of the Dominican Republic, Santo Domingo, and residing in New York City only inspired him to grasp his client’s vision through his artsy pieces fully. He states that from the urban blocks to NYC’s 30 Rock, you do not see many afro-Latin-x jewelers with very expensive storefronts. Had worked alongside Avianne Jewelers to help create their logo and drew up their many mock designs for their top-tier clients. Gaining much experience from Hip-Hop’s pristine jewelers, he leaped faith and started his own business to ensure he could use his drawing abilities and his cultural decadence to assist the urban market.  


Emerging jeweler Santo Medina had the honors of blessing his long-time friend rapper @rggoyellow (YCB Crew) from Woodhill-Queens, NY, with a new custom piece. The creative spin on their upcoming release would result in an NFT collection for the artist’s fans to invest in cryptocurrency. Santo Medina’s CEO states, “I feel like jewelry will last a lifetime, and this is something that I can leave behind as a legacy.


Take a look at the below images and Follow the CEO “Santo Medina.”


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