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Sleep God talks living in the pandemic, “Who Dat?” single, new project, and the city of Charlotte | HHV On The Rise

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Sleep God talks living in the pandemic, “Who Dat?” single, new project, and the city of Charlotte | HHV On The Rise

By Jay Rich Staff Writer

The city of Charlotte has always been a dope place, but the world is just now learning about the city. Unfortunately, the world has come to learn the city after many local highlights, such as Eastland Mall, and the original Charlotte Hornets, are a thing of the past. But, it’s a good place.

Charlotte was put on the map, in hip hop, by DaBaby, though he wasn’t the first rapper from the city to emerge. Since his emergence, many other rappers, including Sleep God, have been pushing through. A lot of focus is going to Sleep God, at the moment.

Sleep God already has his “Who Dat?” single that is doing well, but he has more music coming. Recently, Sleep God took the time out to speak with the HHV team, for an On The Rise interview. He would discuss his music, life with COVID, and much more.

Read the entire interview below:

How does it feel to stay on your grind even in the middle of a Pandemic with COVID-19? If there’s one thing that this pandemic has taught me, it would be that you can always take advantage of the present situation so, for me, the grind hasn’t slowed down. I’m still applying out here applying pressure.

You have your own unique style from your hair even to the way you dress, what was it that made you say I’m a naturally be myself? I’ve always watched people closely and recognized “categories” of people so it wasn’t really about being myself but more about not being like everyone else. So, if I were to see everyone doing one thing, my initial thought is “I can’t do that, I’ve got to do something better.”

The new single, “Who Dat?,” is really good and I see that it generated mad feedback online and much more, I feel it needs a video to take it even further, talk about the origins of the record and much more? I wrote “Who Dat?” because everywhere I go people come up to me asking questions like “how did you get your hair like that?” “Are you an artist?” “Where are you from?” Or if they don’t ask questions than they just stare until they notice I seen them but I’m definitely trying to get a video out for it.

“Late 4 Work” was hard too,which is your favorite of the two between that and “Who Dat?” I would have to say “Late 4 Work” is my favorite of the two because every time I listen to it, it resonates with me the same and pushes me to go harder with my music and everything that I’m working on.

Coming from Charlotte, as a new artist, how does it feel to see an artist like DaBaby take off? With the DaBaby blowing up and coming from Charlotte it has definitely motivated the city to be more creative and free to be themselves because before, the city was a pretty dry.

What next up for you as far as music goes, a new project coming soon? I do have a project coming very soon, but before that I will dropping another single called “Suicide by Overdose.”

Do you have any future collaborations in store and name any artist you love to work with? No collabs planned at the moment, but a few artists that I work with are Dmvc Blvck, King Ethic and Cityman Pedro. You can find there music everywhere.

Thanks, Sleep God, for speaking with HHV. Do you have any final words for fans? Thank you for listening, I really appreciate that. Follow me on Instagram @Sleep_god and on Twitter @Sleep_Gxd and Love, Peace and Happiness to you all.

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