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S7Van talks “Mind Games” record, Philly hip hop, “Black Heart Affair” project, and more | HHV On The Rise

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S7Van talks “Mind Games” record, Philly hip hop, “Black Heart Affair” project, and more | HHV On The Rise

By Jay Rich Staff Writer

There is so much history, in the city of Philadelphia, a city that’s rising in popularity. Like many urban centers, Philly was once dealing with a decline, but that seems over. Many urban centers that went through decline saw a boom in the hip hop scenes.

Actually, a major reason hip hop was born was through the struggles of many cities. Adding to the list of Philly rappers is S7Van, an artist well-known within the city. But, this man is hard at work, working to be known as much more than a local artist.

Recently, S7Van took out the time to speak to, for an On The Rise interview. The buzzing rapper spoke on his desire to be the best in the game, even demonstrating how he would do it. Definitely, he was very clear in his intentions, promising a major victory, and keeping it positive.

Read the entire interview below:

“Mind Games” is your new record and you’re making major moves, right now. How does it feel? It feels great to start to become recognized for my skill and talent, I’m really hyped up about the whole situation. I’ve been waiting for my turn for awhile. I’m really lucky and blessed, as well, that Adonai was so open and agreed to do that song with me. I’ve been waiting to work with him for awhile.

You are from Philly and the city has a strong hip hop history, honestly, from Beanie Sigel, to Eve, to Meek Mill, how does it feel to be next up? Again, I’ve been prepared for it, and just waiting my turn to give the city and world a new sound and flavor. My goal is to really bring hip hop, and not just rap back, in the picture you know give you something good to feel and relate to. I look at myself as an artist, not a rapper. So, I’m following in the steps before me but not

Many artist work to develop their own sound and more. What makes S7Van different from everybody else? I know what’s missing, I’ve been studying the game and competitors, for awhile so I know where I feel some artists lack at. I’m versatile I rap, sing a little, but that’s for later on down the line lol. I ghost write for others; like I breathe and know my craft I listen to a lot of genres, as well. I have a lot of influences and they strike a lot of ideas, keep in mind I’m not perfect … BUT I am the best in Philly, getting better, and will be the best in the world. Notice people with intentions state those. The only artist I’ve been hearing say they’re the best or gonna be the best, since Lil Wayne, is DaBaby. No one else has even said they were worried about being it, or even close. I’m next, but it may be another game of show and prove, though.

Who would you say are some of your early influences coming up and even with the new artist today who are your dream collaborations? I grew up on Jay-Z, heavily, State Property, all of their artists, individually, along with Meek Mill, who caught my eye around Flamerz 2, Rick Ross, Jeezy, Wayne, Nas, Drake, J. Cole, Kendrick, Dolph, DaBaby, just to name a few. A lot of these artists, I went back on like to their first mixtapes, and listened to the development, one by one, even if it was a tough listen, watched documentaries on them etc. Man, I want this more than anybody out! No cap! I want to work with Philly artists, for now, DramB2R, Yak Yola, and few other people, but they’re my top two, right now.

How did you come up with the name S7Van, we would love to know the story behind it? My legal name, or birth name, rather, is Evan Williams, like the bourbon whiskey brand. I didn’t know that part until I was in high school, when my teacher pointed it out. When I graduated, I started seeing it more often in the wine and spirits store lol. But, yeah, it was close to my legal name, and clever play on words, I thought, and the number 7 is a strong number, so I felt it was only right.

Talk about this new project coming in October, The Black Heart Affair and meaning behind the title? Hottest project that will be released from any artist this year…PERIOD lol, I put so much effort, time, emotion, energy, money, everything I put my all into this project, black heart affair is basically like an introduction type of project to get to know the artist alil, but y’all might fall love with the songs more than me and I’ll take that momentarily, all of the lyrics like 90-95% was all real stuff so it means something to me, the name just hit me and stuck out I was already working on and maybe towards the end of recording when it hit me, and what it means to me is I’m a black person/black heart I have a voice I have a story and ima use both to create my platform

Explain to the people how important proper marketing is when it comes yo your music and the difference it makes? It’s not easy, marketing is EVERYTHING! People that live on the same block, or even next door to you, won’t hear your music/voice unless your marketing it and if you’re trying to really be an artist or entertainer think about that; you want the world to know your name how will they if you aren’t telling them about it, but that comes with financial backing honestly it’s not easy funding things at all

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