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On The Rise: Twin L.A.

On the Rise

On The Rise: Twin L.A.

Twin L.A.By YRS Jerzy
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Pay close attention to the way the hip hop world is moving and most of the new stars are West Coast artists. More specifically, most of the new stars come from Los Angeles. Even artists with current hits, Omarion, are from the city of LA.

Twin L.A. is an artist coming up from Los Angeles and he is preparing to take over the game. Back in 2005, Twin L.A. began making steps to take the game over. This move was Team SBR, his label and now he is making his push.

Currently, Twin L.A. is pushing his “I Can Do It Better” single and his upcoming project. With a new mixtape out, Twin L.A. is preparing what he believes will return with a classic. Twin L.A. took time out of his schedule to talk to Hip Hop Vibe for our On The Rise segment.

Read the entire interview below:

What attracts people to hip hop music is always different, so can you take us through your journey to become a member of the hip hop community? I started off listening to all the Hip Hop greats, Rakim, Afrika Bambaataa, Tupac and N.W.A., and later on discovered that i had a calling to share my story with the World.

You first started making music in 2005, which was a strong time for LA hip hop with Game blowing up and GTA: San Andreas being based on the West Coast, what was your favorite moment about Los Angeles in 2005? There actually wasn’t a favorite moment for me in 2005 because there was a lot of gang violence going on. Still from a music standpoint it was a strong point for the West Coast with Dr. Dre and The Game teaming up, and Snoop keeping the West relevant. But, my favorite moment overall in 2005 was founding my label New Team SBR.

Can you tell us more about your label, Team SBR? New Team SBR was founded by myself in 2005. At the time we only had two artists, B’Spike, and Saint L.A. From 2005 through now, we’ve been going through the independent circuit, performing at a lot of historical, vintage and trendsetting venues. We’ve also been releasing a massive amount of music, with the focus being on bringing Hip Hop back to the glory days of the 80’s and 90’s.

You recently put out the mixtape, All or Nothing, Vol. 1, can you talk about the creation of that project? It was a 2 year process. At the time in my career, I elevated my effort in my music with the philosophy of no middle ground, so All Or Nothing Vol. 1 made sense. The concepts within the project was based off true life events and relateable subjects.

Is your track, “I Can Do It Better,” something you intend to pitch to radio for a big push? Absolutely yes! In fact, we’ve already been on several internet radio programs, along with influential college radio stations around the country. We’ve also submitted “I Can Do It Better” to every major radio host in the nation, so we believe eventually they’ll love it so much (like all our fans) and be excited to have it on their show.

What comes next for Twin L.A., as summer 2015 is here? We’ve started early in May with the All Or Nothing CD release party at Club Sevilla in downtown Long Beach and it was a smash. That night we released the second single, “Relentlessly” and it has been trending well already. Now we’re preparing for the All Or Nothing Vol 1 tour which will start locally in the Southland, then spread to the southwest region and finally the nation and around the globe.

Where can the world find you on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram? on Twitter @kmoneydafacesbr on Instagram @Twin_la60.

Follow YRS Jerzy on Twitter @IAMYRSJERZY.

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