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On the Rise: Tim Stacks

On the Rise

On the Rise: Tim Stacks

By The Rap Scout
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Even with many new, talented artists emerging, critics say hip hop is dead. Tim Stacks is proof hip hop still has more left in the tank. While he originates from New York City, the birthplace of hip hop, Tim Stacks is currently living in Charlotte, North Carolina. When asked about regions, Tim Stacks says he is representing for both New York City and Charlotte.

Hip hop is in Tim Stacks’ DNA, as his father used to be a DJ. Before rappers became the focal point of hip hop, the DJ was the main attraction. Despite choosing to become a rapper, Tim Stacks has all the respect in the world for the DJs. Currently, Tim Stacks is working with DJ YRS Jerzy, another Charlotte resident. Being a rising rapper, Tim Stacks felt it was wise to team with a rising DJ.

Among the top of Tim Stacks’ priority list is his DJ YRS Jerzy-hosted mixtape, NY2NC, a mixtape which chronicles the personal journey Tim Stacks has taken. Like every rising rapper, Tim Stacks dreams of one day being the biggest rapper in the game. With the goal in mind, Tim Stacks is currently recording tracks with various artists and has a couple video shoots in the works.

Recently, Tim Stacks discussed his upcoming projects with Hip Hop Vibe, along with his plans for the future.

Read the entire interview below:

How does your music separate itself from the music of others?
I feel like my music speaks for itself, I have my own sound originial flows, and I work hard every day to better myself as a writer and as an artist.

Do you feel as if your big break is around the corner?
Yeah, I feel it getting closer everyday. It is like I get a certain feeling every morning and I have these crazy images in my head of me being in front of 20,000 people and becoming one of the greatest emcees of all time. So, yeah, I feel like my time is coming real soon.

Can you tell us about your upcoming projects?
Right now, I’m working on this mixtape with DJ YRS Jerzy. It is titled NY2NC and it will be dropping on 11.24.11. Other than that, I’m just grinding, doing a couple different features with other artists and I will be shooting a couple videos soon also.

Would you consider yourself a New York rapper, or are you not focused on regions?
Yeah, of course, always! But, I currently live in Charlotte, NC, so I’m representing two states NY and NC.

How long have you been a part of the Riot Squad?
Since August.

What are your goals for the upcoming months?
I just want to continue to improve and make myself an all-around better artist, and just basically get my name out there more.

When do you intend to release an album?
Wow, an album? (Laughs)! Honestly, probably no time soon, but within the next couple of years! Hopefully, I get a deal soon and then we can talk about an album.

Where can fans go to find out more about Tim Stacks?
YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, various blogs, and I will have my website up soon also.

Growing up, what inspired you to become an entertainer?
It is crazy, because my pops was a DJ, so that gave me a lot of inspiration! But, mainly because I always had this thought in my head that I wanted to be in the spotlight, I used to want to make it to the NBA and then I wanted to be a movie star, then I realized I really want to be a rapper! Growing up, one of my idols, 50 Cent, made me realize the impossible is possible.

Over the past few years, how has your style evolved?
I feel like my style has changed a lot since I first started rapping. My wordplay has gotten a lot better, my flows are on point, and I can honestly say now when I write songs, it’s coming from the heart, I’m not just putting a bunch of words together because they rhyme.

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