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On The Rise: Split Personality

On the Rise

On The Rise: Split Personality

By Carlos Cureno
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Thus far, Oklahoma City has gained fame due to their basketball scene, which has done well, in recent years. For generations, Oklahoma City has been a college basketball haven. Since 2005, Oklahoma City has been an NBA city.

From 2005 until 2007, they hosted the New Orleans Hornets, now known as the Pelicans. Since 2008, they have been home to the Oklahoma City Thunder. There is a deeper story behind the Thunder that basketball fans can check out in our sports section.

However, here in the music section, fans need to know about Split Personality. The young duo has put in years of hard work and recently dropped their new project, Diagnosed, to the public. Along with this, they took time out to speak to about their new work.

Read the entire interview below:

Where does the “Split Personality” moniker come from? Split-Personality is the quickest way to sum up who we are, as a group. We grew up in two totally different backgrounds, we both have different taste in women, lol.

We are night and day, but like the name ensues, even though we are two complete different people, the music brings us together, meshing into one complete entertainment machine. Like a person suffering from the metal disorder, we are two completely different souls seamlessly blended into one being

By chance, did you two receive inspiration from Cassidy’s debut album? That’s funny that you would mention that, because Cass is something 2much grew up on and is very familiar with that album, but, unfortunately, we could agree the name kinda came organically and to be honest out of nowhere.

Do you guys feel pressure in coming from Oklahoma City, a city more known for basketball than hip hop music? To be honest, not really, because, man, we try our best to never be home. Oklahoma City is home and all but we try’na take over the world and I know the artist is greatly influenced by their surroundings. But, with both of us living in various different places throughout our lives, OKC is gonna always be home and who gets the love but its just another step for us and on top of that the City got some great talent we’ve just never been giving a real chance.

Can you tel us more about your Diagnosed project? Diagnosed is the first project where we took everything completely serious, we literally played no games while putting this project together. We have songs, radio quality, mixed and mastered. I mean, this is elementary, but a lot of people really don’t and with us being 100% independent like every dollar comes from our pockets, so this is a big deal to us.

Brilliant word play with the title of the project, what do you consider to be the standout theme, aside from the two personalities that dominate the record? Lol when the doctor diagnose you with something, its official, bruh, you got that shit. So ,with that knowledge, you gotta start doing what you gotta do to get that up off you.

Well, for us, the theme, “Diagnosed,” is exactly that, it’s official, We’ve perfected what we do and now its time for it to be known and for us to do all the things that are necessary to make that happen period.

Give the people one good reason why they should take a chance on Split Personality and the Diagnosed project? What you got to lose? Diagnosed is FREE and FIRE and it’s not gonna be free forever. As far as we go, if you like, not just music, but true entertainment, you have no choice but to give us a chance. We bringing entertainment back to hip hop, because people always talk about the three aspects of hip hop is the emcee, the DJ, and the dancers. They forgot the fans, but without a crowd no one would dance no one would emcee or jockey a disk. We aim to make sure each fan goes home or is home thoroughly entertained.

Could you let people know where they can find you on social media? You can find Split-Personaliity on ALL MAJOR social media sites. Twitter @SplitPTV, Instagram @SplitPTV, Facebook @Split-Personality, Soundcloud @Split-Personality, Youtube @SplitPTV.

Download Diagnosed by Split Personality below:

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