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On The Rise: Mark Juiced Out

On the Rise

On The Rise: Mark Juiced Out

mark-juiced-outBy Carlos Cureno
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Hip hop is much more than music, which recently has been shown by the different features has done. The artists are obviously the key component to the culture. But, there are other entertainers who keep it going.


In the world of acting, Omari Hardwick, Terrence Howard, and, obviously, Donald Glover aka Childish Gambino, hold it down. There are also the promoters who book big names for various clubs. Included in this list is Mark Juiced Out, a rising promoter from Philly.

Mark Juiced Out took a break from his busy schedule to allow the community of into his world. Speaking in the latest edition of On The Rise, Mark explained his journey to get where he is at. Acknowledging he has much more work to do, Mark is steady in his own growth.

Read the entire interview below:

You’ve been on a roll throwing weekly events sometimes 2-3 times a week. How it feels with all the success? Aw, to be honest it, feels great. I honestly never pictured myself where I am today. I’ve always been doubted by many, such as teachers, friends, and even family. It feels great to, somewhat. be established in this industry. Having some type of recognition on who I am and what I do, it all feels great. But, my goal is yet to be reached.

The Juiced Out Ent. brand is growing and, surely, you work hard. What advice would you give to up and coming promoters to have a successful event? Any advice I would give any up and coming promoters is the same my OG, Big C, told me when I started “THIS IS A CUT THROAT BUSINESS!” There are no friends in this industry, it’s either a connect/network you make or it’s another hater on the side that’s prowling on your down fall, waiting to capitalize and take you out, or knock you off your high horse. You’ll run into other promoters who will offer more money just to take a date you already have locked in, down from having promoters taking your parties and stepping on your toes. Trust me, I learned the hard way. That was actually a personal experience I went through, recently. So always worry about yourself, your team if you have one, and just keep your eye on the prize. Everything else, F**K it! If it don’t benefit you, it ain’t the way for you.

On some funny stuff, why do you think bar tenders are taking strippers shine these days? Bartenders are taking strippers shine, nowadays, because they do it all except strip. They wear better outfits, look better than most strippers nowadays, and they just know how to play the game the right way. Strippers automatically assume, us as guys have to spend money on them because they’re “strippers.” They have it all wrong and that’s where bartenders come in. They know how to make a customer come back on weekly basis and want to spend money  That’s why THEY are killing the game!

In business I’m sure there has been loses and tough times what keeps you motivated? Ah man, I’ve taken numerous losses. But, what keeps me motivated and pushing is one thing. From not having the best grades in school, or even going to school, to actually becoming someone in life without having to go though the whole education process is what I will accomplish. Being able to look at myself in the mirror and say “I DID THIS MYSELF.” Everything I have, I have it because of me, not because anyone gave it to me. I’ll consider myself accomplished in this industry when I accomplish my three goals. Whether they are in order, or not, as long as I accomplish them. I’m good and I’ve already checked one off the list. So, I’ll keep striving and with the team I have behind me, I’ll be there no time soon.

I actually have a few events lined up, already booked up until NOVEMBER 11TH , ANYONE WHO WANTS TO FOLLOW & keep up can follow me on Instagram – @MARKJUICEDOUTENT You’ll see everything I’m up to on there & if anyone has any questions , I’m free to everything as well .

Follow Carlos Cureno on Twitter @DjayyCharliee.

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