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On the Rise: Lady Killa

On the Rise

On the Rise: Lady Killa

By The Rap Scout
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

One of the rising vocalists preparing to emerge in the game is Lady Killa. Sharing the name of one of Hip Hop Vibe’s own staff writers, Lady Killa has been making a name for herself for some time. Representing the SODMG Lady Goon$, she is on the brink of her big break. Unlike previous ‘On the Rise’ features, Lady Killa is not a rapper, instead she is a singer who is focused on becoming the new face of the female R&B game.

Through her association with DJ Tay Don’t Play, several doors have opened for Lady Killa, while she has always fallen back on her own work ethic, regardless of her connections. Initially, people may see those around Lady Killa, but they quickly see her own talents emerge through. As she goes through the ups and downs of being an up-and-coming talent, Lady Killa has a story to tell.

Recently, she decided to share bits and pieces of this story with Hip Hop Vibe in her own ‘On the Rise’ feature.

Read the entire interview below:

When did you get connected with SODMG? I’ve always supported SODMG, since the beginning, but just last December, I started really repping it, from signing up to his website. Sometimes I felt like I was signed with the label (laughs).

Do you feel the pressure of being a female singer, or is there any at all? Pressure? Yes! When it comes to singing with the singers of my day,which are now, Rihanna, Beyonce, Alicia Keys, Keri Hilson, and Kelly Rowland, and so on. Now, as an artist and being an entertainer, nope, no pressure at all.

Is it difficult to create your own lane in a hip hop game full of imitators? Partly, yes, and most of it no. Every artist has their own special talent whether it’s a small note hitting, to writing the hottest song, every imitator is unique in their own way. I believe in what I have to offer and what I’ll become and what makes me unique.

What is it about your music that stands out against other singers? My music is different, my voice is different. A lot of my music is not released yet, but my vision is to bring old R&B back. My next single and my first album will show you what makes my music different and stand out.

Are there any defining moments that inspired you to go this route? Yes, I’ve had some defining moments like winning my first talent show, to sitting in the studio with major artists and just connecting. I visioned myself on that level, I visioned myself being someone’s role model, to maybe even a million people. This is me.

What projects are you currently working on? I am actually working on my first album, in which I want it to be “killa” and I believe it will be. I have that much confidence. Most of my songs will be written by my brother, Tony Voice, and produced by Big Beatz. I just got done hosting the No Witnesses SODMG Goon$’ mixtape by DJ Tay Don’t Play.

How do you feel about those who rise up to you? Some moments, I feel intimidated, but then I say to myself “You are the best, you are successful.” Who are they to rise up to me? (laughs).

What do you see for yourself in future years? I see myself very successful and doing what I love to do. Maybe a business or two. All I know is that I want to leave and mark, a positve stamp, before I depart. I don’t want to have any regrets.

When pursuing a dream, do you feel it is important to move away from your hometown? Well, if you are in the right city, there is no need to move away. However, it is always important to get the right connection. Being in the city where I was from, though, I had to get up and get out in order to move forward.

Have you considered becoming a model or an actress to get your foot in the door? Sometimes, I think about doing some acting, but I never thought about modeling until here recently, that is where the SODMG Lady Goon$ fall in. But, from seeing the comments on my photos and receiving modeling offers, I am considering venturing into modeling.

Do you have any major collaborations on the way? Right now, I am still wrapping up my first project. I do have a few people in mind. On my album, I might have a little something for the fans.

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