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On The Rise: Kayos Key-iD

On the Rise

On The Rise: Kayos Key-iD

Kayos Keys IDBy Stranga The Great
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Music, especially hip hop music, knows no bounds. Many consider hip hop to be the universal language and there are rappers all over the world coming up. One rapper with an emerging buzz is Kayos Key-iD, who is originally from Lagos, Nigeria.

But, Kayos Key-iD has spent a considerable amount of time here in the United States. He has spent time in major cities that represent two different cultures, both New York City and Houston. These three influences have developed a unique sound from Kayos Key-iD.

With On The Rise now back, Kayos Key-iD is the first feature. In his interview, Kayos Key-iD introduced the world to his world. Kayos Key-iD discussed his background, his influences, his unique name, and much more.

Read the entire interview below:

How did you adopt the name “Kayos Key ID” and what does it mean? The Kayos part stands for Kene Agwunobi, young old soul, and the Keyid stands for Key Identity which I added when I realized that I was part of the Biblical tribe of Judah which migrated from Jerusalem in 70 AD into west Africa after the Romans destroyed ancient Israel.

Can you explain the saying “Being Black is Epic?” Actually, the statement I made was “Being back is epic.” This is because after my first studio album, The Key Identity, was released in 2009, I took a short break from recording for a few years finding peace and touring the album. I felt stronger and refreshed on my return, me being back is epic.

How does one go from pursuing a degree in Pharmacology to chasing Hip Hop star as a dream? Hip-hop has always been my first passion and plan A in life. Pharmacy was always my plan but as my knowledge of self increased, I realized that I did not want to be a tool to help the world powers poison my people through Pharmacy which in ancient times was known as Sorcery.

Can you explain to me what your rap style is like? My current rap style is a mixture of boom bap and a trill influence due to my time up North and years down south. I have perfected a fine blend of both.

How has your ethnicity and the years you spent in Lagos influenced and challenged you as the artist you are today? My ethnicity is Hebrew Israelite also known as the Igbo tribe in West Africa due to migration, now Lagos is the city I was born in and has influenced me to be tough and persistent in many ways. Lagos has a very large population, a big city and very diverse and well versed in all types of music from around the world including hip-hop.

You credit “BoomBap” style of hip hop as an early influence. Can you tell me some of your favorite MCs and producers from that era? Some of my favorite MCs and producers from the Boom bap era are KRS One, Kool G Rap, Diamond D, DJ Premiere, EPMD, Das Efx, Sadat X, Jeru the Damaja and many more.

What are you currently working on and what are you intending to accomplish in the music industry? I am currently finalizing my two albums, Golden Age Again and Poet of Parables, set to be released this year. I also just began the manufacturing process of a series of designs for my clothing lines, Grown Man apparel and Glowing Diamond apparel, which can currently be purchased in the merch section on my official website, also many samples should be in select stores by this summer. I intend on making timeless positive music, hip-hop and art to serve the community for a long time and to expand the catalog that inspired me to further inspire the next generation who will follow in our path.

You’ve had a rough life on the streets can you briefly tell us a story from your past that you are thankful you made it out of? Indeed, my life was very rough from being in and out of jail to being on the streets as a teenager to almost loosing my life several times due to illegal activities, plus many more dealings I can not mention as I have left those memories in the past.

Can you tell us how to reach you on social media? I can be reached primarily on, Twitter @KayosChaos and Instagram is KayosKeyid.

Watch “Every Day is Payday” by Kayos Key-iD below:

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