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On The Rise: J.Tek


On The Rise: J.Tek

J.TekBy Carlos Cureno
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Here, in Arizona, there are many artists trying to get their voices heard and their movements seen. Some of these artists are from other areas and moved into this part of the country. J.Tek is one of those, as he is originally from Maryland.

Bringing the New York sound to Arizona, J.Tek has found some success with his music. Because his sound is like New York, J.Tek is much different than other artists in the area. Being different is good, just check the nation’s history for proof.

J.Tek is constantly working and he has his music being seen by the right audiences, as they keep coming back. In the future, J.Tek may very well be a big factor in the game. This is some of what he discussed with us, as he is Hip Hop Vibe’s On The Rise latest interview feature.

Read the entire interview below:

Last year, you dropped your mixtape, Welcome, can you discuss the impact it’s had thus far? Man, Welcome had such a great impact! It was my first mixtape, so I have learned so much since then. I had many fans tell me Welcome had a very positive impact on their life!

Being an East Coast hip hop guy, how has your music caught on in Arizona? It’s caught on well, I have gained many supporters here. It was tough, at first, because for some reason no one wants to support. I guess because they are doing music also, but I mean people are starting to vibe with me now.

You got a lot of attention with your single, “Hello America,” can you speak on the inspiration for this record? The inspiration for this record comes from everyday life, man. The lyrics in the song is really everyday life issues here in America. I hope people notice that.

Can you talk about your upcoming mixtape, Metacogntion? Metacognition will be my second released mixtape. The project will be releasing late March of this year. The tape discusses many issues and thoughts that crosses everyone’s mind on a daily basis. A very soulful project. I believe everyone will vibe with it!

What do you hope to accomplish with this upcoming tape, as an emcee? I hope to grow as an emcee. I am always looking to learn something new and improving myself as an artist. My main goal is to be a voice for the voiceless with this upcoming tape!

Since you’re a fan of Lauryn Hill, were you disappointed that she didn’t perform during the Grammys? Super disappointed man. She is a huge musical inspiration to me.

If you had a chance to organize your own mega concert, who would you have perform and why? Man, that’s a tough one. I would have so many, but to narrow it down. I would have to choose J. Cole, Lauryn Hill, Common and Nas because their music just connects with listeners so easily.

Where can the fans catch up with you on social media? Facebook,; Instagram, @j.tek; Twitter, @iamjtek

Watch “Hello America” by J.Tek below:

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