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Matt Movin’ talks “Basic Instincts” project, “Up and Away” single, upcoming “Here Now” project, features, and more | HHV On The Rise

On the Rise

Matt Movin’ talks “Basic Instincts” project, “Up and Away” single, upcoming “Here Now” project, features, and more | HHV On The Rise

By Jay Rich
HHV On The Rise Staff Writer

Increasingly, independent artists are taking their careers into their own hands. Most have faced facts and realized the days of Master P are over, where artists would pass out CDs. Even Master P explains how things have changed and artists have to adapt.

Matt Movin is an indie that has adapted to everything that online has to offer, more than just the streaming services. He also has placed his music on such services, as Distribute Kings, and had a lot of success, there. All of this has driven much more attention to his music.

Ultimately, the goal of any artist is still to get their music heard on the regular radio, which is where Matt Movin is headed. In his On The Rise interview, he speaks on his music, such as what inspires him to create, and who he is creating with. In addition to that, he also discusses his goals for his upcoming projects.

Read the entire interview below:

You just released your project, Basic Instincts, can you tell us more about that project?

It’s my first project under the name, “Matt Movin’,” so it’s like a fresh start from what was to what is, you feel me? Our Basic Instincts are like the recipe to survival, so it’s kinda like a what I been through to get here, how I maintain as my momentum increases, and my overall way of thinking, in general. My grandmother is a full blood Cherokee Indian and she told me, when I was probably like eight, that the wolf is my spirit animal, so the project is like an illustration of that. Like a genetic connection to the animal inside type sh*t. Also, growing up being the only white kid, I got this lil’ nickname from the homies, like “Mowgli,” ‘cuz I was raised by wolves in the jungle. So, I just ran with that, too.

Now, you have “Up and Away” coming soon, what should fans expect from that release?

“Up And Away” is a hot lil’ single, you feel me? It’s ridin’. I still keep it real in all my music, but I feel like sometimes it’s good. You know, sometimes it’s essential to have that mainstream kind of radio track ready.

Being an indie rapper, how important is it to be on top of your business?

It’s very important to be on top of your sh*t at all times, because it ain’t like the industry where you got all kinds of help and advice guiding you. Then it’s crazy because like when you stop your whole movement stop. So, yeah, you gotta be on top of things, for real.

Can you talk about the importance of using DJ pools, such as Distribute Kings, to get your music heard?

I mean, to each they own, but I feel like you got to invest in all aspects of the music. You ain’t going to spend  a couple of bands to get the project all the way right, and then just put it out there, and expect it to blow you feel me? So, I feel like the same effort and bag you put behind making the music you gotta do the same thing to push it. Shout out DK by the way.

Who have been the ones that have helped you the most, with your career?

I mean, my close family is big on me just doing something positive and staying out of the way, you feel me? But, my friends supporting me and really be honest the fans keep me going, for real. Like, reach one teach one type sh*t. I love when they hit me up, just to tell me how my music impact them or help them. That’s really what it’s all about.

When do you see yourself releasing your next project?

May 17th 2019, my next project Here Now, dropping everywhere. I got Lil Baby, Da Baby, OMB Peezy, and all kind of features on that one. Shit going to be too hard.

Where can fans connect with you on social media?

My website going have everything anybody need all in one so just hit up and bless up and much love to all who do. Movin!

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