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Josh McKoy talks “RAP (Rhythm and Poetry)” project, the hottest songs, growing up in Henderson, North Carolina, and the NC rap scene | HHV On The Rise

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Josh McKoy talks “RAP (Rhythm and Poetry)” project, the hottest songs, growing up in Henderson, North Carolina, and the NC rap scene | HHV On The Rise

By Jay Rich Staff Writer

One of the most-diverse states that people wouldn’t expect it from is the home state, North Carolina. Of course, New York City is considered THE melting pot, but NC is a melting pot, too. Not just in the power centers of Charlotte, Raleigh, Greensboro, and Durham, either.

The diversity of North Carolina spills into the smaller cities, including places like Henderson. For the hip hop scene, here, this means producing both J. Cole and DaBaby. It also means Josh McKoy has room to be on the scene.

Josh McKoy recently took the time out to do an On The Rise interview, with The conversation was about RAP, his latest project, but the conversation also went in-depth about NC. McKoy opened up on how the diversity, plus his influences, shaped his style.

Read the entire interview below:

You have a solid new album with RAP can you talk about this new project to your fans? RAP stands for Rhythm And Poetry. What I wanted to do with this project was to give a wide diverse sound and also show the different dynamics of myself as an artist. I just wanted to create some art that consist of a fusion of music.

“Noncommittal” is a hot record and lately has been gaining mad support on social media and the DJ’s are behind it heavy? Yeah, I really appreciate all the support I’m getting from all the DJs that have been spinning my record, and also the supporters who’s downloaded and stream the record. Thank you!

You are from Henderson, North Carolina, can you talk about growing up there, and what was it like for those not familiar with Henderson. Did you ever think of leaving to go to a bigger market? Well, Henderson is a small urban city close in the northern part of the state. There is very little to do there, so growing up, we played sports, went to church, and parties. My dad, on the other hand, is from Fayetteville but lives in Maryland; going to visit him multiple times exposed me to a new world outside of Henderson and that kind of drove me to leave and go to places with more opportunities.

You seem to have a Andre 3000 influence as well talk about the influence his music made on your life, I get a Anderson .Paak type vibe too? Yeah man, 3k is one of my inspirations as an artist, in general. The way he, and Outkast, fused different genres with hip hop, was mind-blowing to me. It was music with a vibe, banging beats, and they were saying something with substance. The fact they started to produced their music was something that motivated my creative ear, too. That’s the same thing with Anderson .Paak.

“Honest” is one of the hottest songs off RAP too, we love the visual over here at HHV. Can you explain the breakdown of this record and how it all came about? “Honest” is a hip hop track talking about a lot of the systems that are set to trap people in certain mindsets. Basically kind of shedding light on a lot of the dishonesty in the world. Then the video everything just fell in place after that.

You are constantly grinding and take your business and craft serious, you are not one of these artist constantly complaining why they not on, you’re just putting in work and making no complaints. Where does this 100% laser beam focus come from? I think just my mentality as a person pushes me. Anything that I do I strive to master it, so when I found something I loved and I said I would do it, it would be smart to put my all into it. Now I’m just putting in the work to be the best Josh McKoy I can be.

You’re a NC native, that being said any North Carolina locals you like to work with? Like J. Cole, or Rapsody? Yeah man. J.Cole is another inspiration and I would definitely be hyped to collab with him. Also, Rapsody and Lute would be dope too.

What next up for you after RAP any new music and shows/tours on the way? Yeah, booking more shows in the Raleigh – Durham area around NC and going out to other states as well.

Do you have a final message for fans? I just want to say thank you for the support first of all. Stay positive, keep grinding and doing ya thing!

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