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Husky talks “The Incredible Husky” album, Philly’s hip hop history, his Weight Room brand, and more | HHV On The Rise

On the Rise

Husky talks “The Incredible Husky” album, Philly’s hip hop history, his Weight Room brand, and more | HHV On The Rise

By Jay Rich Staff Writer

In comparison to cities that seem to always have movement, such as the mecca, New York City, and then places like Atlanta and Toronto, it’s easy to forget how much talent Philadelphia has. A few years ago, the signing of Meek Mill to MMG led to a refocus on the city.

Since then, Philadelphia has continued to produce stars, and Husky is working to be the next one. The world knows him for his physique, that’s why they call him Husky. Focused on his fitness, his movement is called Weight Room Soldiers.

Husky took time out to speak to for an On The Rise interview. This conversation saw him explain the Weight Room Soldiers brand, along with speaking on the loss of his baby brother. With the music, he spoke on his current album, his next project, and Philadelphia’s esteemed history.

Read the entire interview below:

You have been on your grind like crazy, in 2020, even during a crisis with Covid-19! With all this going on, what has kept you on your grind? What keeps me on my grind is my family! I wanna make it for them, because they believe in me like I believe in me! Plus, I love making music, I get excited every time I write a song!

You got crazy work in the streets, posters all over the city of Philly, as you’re pushing your album, The Incredible Husky. How does it feel, with the response you been getting, you’re touching the people, too. The response feels great from the people! Folks all over the country, as well as folks in Philly, tell me how much they love my music and to not stop, keep going!

As far as content, we all know content is king, especially in this era. You’re giving your fans videos damn near every month it seems like, how you maintain the consistency? I maintain the consistency by being locked into the mission. The mission, for me, is to be recognized as one of the elite artist in music, and for that to happen, the folks have to see what you bring to the table, musically! So, you got to keep bringing it to them!

What part of Philly you from, the 215 has a nice rap history from Eve, Meek Mill, Will Smith, Beanie Sigel The Roots and more, ready to add to the list? The music history in Philly is PHENOMENAL! I’m definitely ready to add to the list! I’m from North Philly, but I did part of my growing up in Germantown and Olney, also.

Going back to the videos, some favorites are “Jason”, and “Ready or Not” Freestyle. You were really spittin some fire on those. Is that some sort of plan just to stay hot to keep fans flooded with material, as you build your name? Yeah, I like to make freestyle tracks and make videos for them to keep the fans fed while I create new body of work.

On the “Santorini Greece” video you speak about the death of your little brother, for the fans unfamiliar if you don’t mind can you talk about him and the impact on your life and music career? My brother was a great dude! He wanted to do everything I did, play football like me, dress like me, talk like me smh. I love and miss him so much! He would blast my music, in his car, all the time. At his funeral, it was close to 1000 people there from 8 to 80 years old. He touched a lot of people and had a heart of gold! I talk to him every morning, when I wake up. Knowing he’s watching over me, motivates me to go hard, because I know how much he wants me to win!

Moving on, the music business is so much easier now, the resources an artist can get, before even signing a deal are amazing. Now, you can just go hard and build your own entity, independently, and if you want to go major then it’s a choice. How do you feel about the current climate of music on the business aspect now? I think it’s great, because now a artist can touch people from all over the world, and create a fan base without a label, get money on their own, and build leverage. So, when and if they come to the table, when discussing a business deal with the label, the deal can be in the artist benefit more than the labels.

Talk to us at HHV about the Weight Room brand, I see you have merch and all. Give us the history of it? I created Weight Room Soldiers to give myself an attachment that represents me for when you hear the name Husky, just like when you hear the name Rick Ross you think MMG, Meek Mill you think Dreamchasers, 50 Cent you think G-Unit, Jay-Z you think Roc-A-Fella/Roc Nation, etc. Weight Room Soldiers represents anyone that’s about bettering who they are and those around them, whether they workout or not!. It’s a metaphor on life. When you go to the gym what are you doing? (rhetorical), you’re shaping your body to look better, you’re running the treadmill, riding the bike to enhance your endurance. So, anyone who’s going to school to get a degree for what their passionate about that’s a Weight Room Soldier, if you read books to gain knowledge that’s a Weight Room Soldier, you got a 9 to 5 putting food on the table for you and your family that’s a Weight Room Soldier, you a entrepreneur that’s a Weight Room Soldier! The brand has been receiving a lot of love from people across the country, so I’m grateful!

Closing up this interview, we was excited to speak with you and you on your grind, tell us what’s next and a final message for the fans? Thanks, HHV, for taking the time to talk with me!. What’s next is a new project, which is almost complete. Looking to drop that at the top of 2021. More and more videos are on the way! To the fans, thank you so much for the love, I’m truly grateful!. Continue to go on this incredible journey with me and I’m gonna continue to bring you great music!

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