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HHV On The Rise: RichCeleb

On the Rise

HHV On The Rise: RichCeleb

By Chox-Mak Staff Writer

Don’t sleep on Philadelphia, they are one of the hottest cities in hip hop, right now. Since Meek Mill broke through, many Philly rappers have emerged. The scene is currently led by guys like Lil Uzi Vert and PnB Rock, who are doing big things.

Then, there are guys like Kur and Kir that are making it happen. People can’t overlook RichCeleb, either, because he is also another force of nature. With the year coming to a close, RichCeleb is making sure HE is the main topic of discussion.

RichCeleb has his next project coming next month and he is building the momentum. With his project on the horizon, RichCeleb took time out to speak with As his star is rising, he explained exactly where he will fit into things.

Read the entire interview below:

How do you feel about 2017 in hip hop? I feel hip hop in 2017 is amazing. Hip hop is everywhere now and it’s the era of the independent artist getting a bag

With the game shifting, allowing people like Kodak Black and Cardi B to take over, where do you see yourself fitting in? I feel like I’ll be right there in the mix. I feel like we all have two things in common. We all understand the grind and we all have our own sound and style that separates us from a lot of others. Nobody sounds anything like that boy Kodak Black he killing it right now same thing for Cardi She on fire

Were you surprised with how quickly Tay-K became a star, with “The Race?” Not at all, the beat was crazy, the hook was super catchy, and I believed him. I can tell he was really trying to beat a case, you dig?

What made you decide to do a freestyle of that track? My youngboul kept telling me, “Celeb you gotta do a freestyle to this beat, man,” and when he introduced me to the track I was amazed, man. I originally wasn’t going to touch it, because I was so impressed. But, when everybody else started doing the freestyle to it my competitive nature took over

Have you decided what your next original single will be? I knew as soon as I heard the beat to “Don’t Play,” it was something special. But, once I created the hook, I was like “wow, this is the one.” Who can’t relate to this one right here? So that definitely is the single.

When will you be returning with your next project? The Winter Is Coming, baby. The project drops next month. Get ready it’s something on there for everybody. I can’t wait for everyone to hear it.

Can you let people know how they can find you on social media? You can find me on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook @Richcelebmdm.

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