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HHV On The Rise: Nno


HHV On The Rise: Nno

By Stranga The Great Staff Writer

Before Atlanta became the mecca of the South, several Southern cities had strong hip hop scenes. The first ones were Houston and Miami, which was followed by New Orleans’ emergence. First, with the success of No Limit, and then Cash Money, the city became a hub.

There is a new generation, which isn’t all that new, anymore, inspired by seeing those original legends. Guys like Nno watched this, endured the horrific Hurricane Katrina, and now have their own legacies they want to build. It all starts with the first step, simple as that.

Nno recently spoke to’s On The Rise segment. In the interview, he talked about his upcoming music, and his history. The rising rapper spoke on being from the Calliope Projects, having to relocate during Katrina, and his next project.

Read the entire interview below:

Which New Orleans legend do you compare to most, Master P or Birdman, and why? I would say Master P cause we both from the same section he out the calliope that’s where I’m born and raised!

Coming from a city, like New Orleans, that’s home to so many legends, but one particular sound, how important is it for you to create your own wave? Very important, but it also important to keep that same Southern project flow I grew up to. But, me coming to Cali gave me a huge advantage, and it’s like the best of both worlds

How did you and Drakeo The Ruler link up for your “Lottery Lucc” single? Honestly me and Drakeo recorded a song before I went to the pen, last year, and I never got a chance to put it out. When I came home, I revamped it, and reached out to him and we made it happen! Easy call.

When is your MOET EP dropping? Don’t have a set date, as of now, but I’m aiming for middle of June. The project is finished, I just gotta make sure it’s put out the right way, as this is some of my best work by far!!

What are some of the biggest lessons you learned, on the New Orleans streets? First and foremost, I learned at a young age, sh*t can get real, quick. Especially right now, them young n*ggaz ain’t playing in New Orleans! I love my city it’s a wonderful place but it can also be treacherous at times!

This isn’t a simple question to ask, but how greatly did the effects of Hurricane Katrina impact you, as a person, an artist, and as a New Orleans resident? I’ve said it, multiple times, it’s a bittersweet situation when it comes to that. Hurricane Katrina took everything from a n*gga, it hurt me to leave my home and to see the city completely underwater. I lost my friends, my family, and me and my granny went from shelter to shelter, and then finally was able to get in contact with family on the West Coast and they took us in. But, when we came to California, we literally had nothing but the clothes on our backs, but coming to Cali, I was granted so many great opportunities, met so many great people, and surrounded my self with a solid group of n*ggaz, and I’ve been leveling up every since. I wouldn’t change nothing

Once you reach your full potential, what do you plan to do for your city? I just wanna bring New Orleans together. It’s so much hatred and separation behind bullsh*t. I just wanna be the n*gga who brings the whole city together so we can all shine as one.

Where can the fans find you on social media? Twitter, @Nno2x; IG: @Nno2x; Snapchat: @bownno; SoundCloud: @Nno.

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