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HHV On The Rise: Lowwki

On the Rise

HHV On The Rise: Lowwki

By M.A.C. Staff Writer

California is the Golden State and, simply due to its size, has produced a great number of rap legends. Actually, California has one of the oldest hip hop scenes, in Oakland, although Los Angeles is more well-known. Interestingly enough, Oakland’s sound helped reinvent LA rap.

The 2010s have seen guys like Kid Ink, Tyga, YG, and DJ Mustard rise to the top off those sounds. Their success has, in turn, inspired guys like Lowwki, who represent California in its purest form. Due to its size, and location, California is one of the original melting pots.

Many are still unaware of it, but not only do people of different ethnic origins reside in the same areas, but they also adopt each other’s cultures. This best explains Lowwki, who is one of the hottest rising rappers out West. Recently, he did an On The Rise interview with HHV.

Read the entire interview below:

How has your South Korean heritage shaped your musical style? Being a South Korean immigrant and possessing my perspective probably shaped my narrative. However my style is Cali. I grew here since I was 5 so, this is all I know.

Being from LA, which is a melting pot, means your background is more common than some may choose to realize. Are there some stigmas you still have to deal with, in spite of this? There are many personalities in LA. Many cultures share, tolerate, and endure each another. I frequently get the, “I didn’t expect you to sound like that.” Like I’m supposed to carry my singing voice at all times. They didn’t expect Brady to be the QB he is either.

With influences, such as Tupac and 50 Cent, do you gravitate to their respective “thug” personas to give your music some extra edge? I gravitated towards how they told their stories. And their energy on their records. I couldn’t relate to the thug sh-t, that’s not where I’m from. But the way their records are shaped truly inspire me.

Of course, with whatever you do, you are still your own person, so what is it that you think you’ll inspire in future artists? To be inspiring means I have be great at what I do. I have much to accomplish. I honestly don’t base my motives to be inspiring. I believe when I’m at my best, I can display positive examples for others.

When should fans expect you to release your next project? I’m working on something right now.

As you know, the LA hip hop scene is iconic, why do you believe you will be a future legend? Because, why not?

Where can fans connect with you on social media? I’m on IG and Twitter user handle: Lowwki.

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