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HHV On The Rise: Czar


HHV On The Rise: Czar

By Chox-Mak Staff Writer

Right now, Czar is a name that might not ring any bells. But, a year from now, Czar may very well be a household name. At the very least, he’ll be someone the people know of, because he has some big music on the way.

Signed with RMM, Czar is the new flagship artist and Snoop Dogg has given him his co-sign. The veteran of the Los Angeles hip hop scene, representing Long Beach, is behind Czar. Those two have a new song that’ll soon be dropping.

Czar recently took time out to speak to in the On The Rise segment. During the interview, Czar spoke about their work and his impact. He was born, here in Jacksonville, so he showed some love to the city, in the interview.

Read the entire interview below:

What city and state do you currently represent? I was born in Jacksonville, NC, so always gotta show NC love but was raised in Alexandria, VA so you already know I rep for the DMV it’s VA ALLDAY.

How long have you been doing music? I’ve been rapping since I was a kid, but started taking it serious my tenth grade year. I got a little local record label offer me a b.s. deal, the next year. Since then, music has been my life.

How long have you been involved with RMM? I’ve been rocking with Big Percy and RMM for about a year now. The homie, Red Grant, introduced us and P just saw a young talented dude that was bout his business. We’ve been securing them bags ever since (laughs).

What do you plan to bring to the hip hop game? My story, but not just another street nigga story. One thing you’ll notice about my music is that, for the most part, there is no glorification of the life I lived, the things I’ve seen, or the stuff I’ve done. It’s more about the friends and family you lose and how you lose your mind in the process. But, I make all types of music, so y’all gonna get a all around dope well round artist, PERIOD.

Around what time do you plan on releasing the single with Snoop Dogg? “Cali Life,” featuring Snoop D.O.Double G WILL BE DROPPING THIS SUMMER!! Y’all gonna have to excuse me because this sh*t is still kinda surreal to me. But, I’m literally flying to Cali tomorrow so. that we can shoot the video to it. So, definitely be on the look out for my new single and video, “Cali Life,” featuring Snoop Dogg COMING SOON.

Where can we find you on Instagram and Twitter? @Czar4500.

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