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HHV On The Rise: AyoB

On the Rise

HHV On The Rise: AyoB

By Chox-Mak Staff Writer

Now, it is easier than ever for rappers to get out here and make some noise. It’s crazy, not even a label is anything an artist needs to get themselves out there. More and more, rappers are taking that chance, and winning.

AyoB is one of those DIY rappers that’s making a name for himself. He has taken a major bet on himself in hopes that it pays off for him. One thing is for sure, he has made the investment in himself, so he’s proving he’s worth it.

Recently, AyoB gave a moment of his time to discuss what he has going on. The rising rapper recently dropped his ditUSA,mia project, to much fanfare. He explained how this project came together and what the fan reception’s been like.

Read the entire interview below:

Can you tell us the inspiration behind your ditUSA,mia album title? The inspiration came from me basically reinventing myself. The image I had before was not working and I could see it didn’t have any value to people.

I had to be recognized, different, become a product and unique, especially in today’s hip hop culture. Therefore, I prayed, and dug deep to understand who I was and how I could portray that in my music and be different.

Which is, I am a God fearing man, veteran, and entertainer creating music. “ditUSA,mia” stands for “Designed in the USA, Made in Afghanistan”. This depicts how my home is in the United States and I began rapping over sea’s, in between our missions.

You also served in the military, what was that experience like? It was bitter sweet, like most things in life are. There is a lot I miss and a lot I don’t. Deployment was fun at times… Thinking back I wish I would have gone Army Ranger or Special Forces.

How did your time in service impact your music career? It dramatically impacted my career, in that if I hadn’t joined the service, I may not be rapping/producing, or doing anything that I currently do. I’ve always had a love for music as I used to be very much into death metal and thrash metal and was even a vocalist in a metal band.

During our high school parties, there would usually come to a point in the night where people would rap/freestyle with each other, which I always joined in. But I never pursued music as a career until I joined the US Army. It all started by us being on deployment and getting ready for missions. As we did so, I would get my gear ready and listen to my favorite hip hop artists at the time like Wiz Khalifa and Mac Miller.

As I would rap the lyrics, one of my comrades tried to clown and bet, saying I couldn’t really rap or write any songs. Knowing the skills I did have, I took on the bet, and later that week wrote my first rap song. When I rapped it to him, I took him by surprise and he took back what he previously said as he congratulated me. I then thought, “you know what?, this is pretty good, I should actually put effort into doing this.”… and the rest was history.

Why did you change your rap name from Haymaker to AyoB? I felt that with the release of my new album and image to the world, I also needed a new, more catchy and organic name. Hence, AyoB, which is pronounced, Ay-Yo-B.

Can you tell us more about the ditUSA,mia album? I’ve been working on this project for over a year with many producers and is my absolute best work to date! This album covers experiences that I’ve had throughout my military career as well as my civilian life. It shows the growth of Haymaker to AyoB and brings a new sound, trend, and breath to the hip hop and music world.

The album carries songs from trap bangers, to slow R&B tracks, to uptempo tracks that are more personal. A little somethings for everyone. I guarantee any listener can take at least one song with them after listening. The album features many up n’ coming artist like Mychelle Nychol, LeRome Swiss, Trap Been Boomin, Illson, and more. It also features many well known producers like Resource from EarDrummers and Treonthebeat.

When you perform your music from the album, what is the fan reaction like? Nothing but smiles, claps, awhs, and congratulations! I really haven’t received any dislikes or negative remarks about the album. Only questions like, “Where is it available!?” It truly is a great piece of work whether you like hip hop or not.

Where can fans find you on social media?

Instagram: @ayob_official

Facebook: @therealayob

Twitter: @ayob_official

Snapchat: AyoB Official

Follow on Twitter @HipHopVibe1.

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