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FN Meka, World’s First A.I. Powered Robot-Rapper, Releases Single “Speed Demon” and NFT

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FN Meka, World’s First A.I. Powered Robot-Rapper, Releases Single “Speed Demon” and NFT

The world’s first A.I. powered robot-rapper, FN Meka, releases his single “Speed Demon” via next-gen record label, Factory New. Powered by Vydia, the distributor provides a platform for his label, which lives in a dimension somewhere between the human world and the virtual world, empowering not only these unique creators, but the teams behind them. Virtual influencer, AR sneakerhead, and robot rapper – MEKA’s lifestyle blends eclectic with electric. When not flexing his augmented reality fashion sense, MEKA crafts his next Soundcloud single. His early tracks “Moonwalkin’” and “Internet” quickly gained hundreds of thousands of streams, motivating Meka to make music full-time.

FN Meka’s hyper-visual, unusual content has gained him 9 million Tik Tok followers and over a BILLION views. His custom gadgets like a Starbucks espresso-making PS5, or his Gucci Cybertruck are expressions of him living his best life. Sometimes his “hyper flexing” can trigger internet trolls, so FN Meka is no stranger to cyberbullying, which he uses his influence to fight against. Meka is also a fierce advocate for equal rights, believing that no being should be discriminated against because of skin color, or just because they’re a robot.

Meka’s latest single “Speed Demon”, is an ode to a custom PS5 supercar and will be the music bed for a 1 of 1 NFT collaboration with the virtual streetwear company RTFKT. “Speed Demon” is currently available on DSP’s, the NFT will be sold to the highest bidder on today.

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