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Daniel AMP – “War Vet”


Daniel AMP – “War Vet”

Daniel AMP continues musical journey with War Vet single

Daniel AMP continues musical journey with War Vet single

Recently, Daniel AMP has returned to deliver new music, and he’s done an incredible job. Daniel AMP always makes sure his music is widespread. Representing New York City, Daniel AMP is from hip hop’s original mecca. Currently, Daniel AMP’s music can be found on the NBA 2K22 soundtrack. His music is featured alongside projects with the NBA and NFL.

Daniel AMP is one of the most-determined people in music. A talented singer and songwriter, Daniel AMP is also a survivor. In addition to being a musician, Daniel AMP is also a survivor of Type 2 Diabetes. Every day, Daniel AMP is living proof that people can do whatever they set their minds to. Nothing is getting between this man and his goals.

Currently, Daniel AMP is just dropping music off, and he delivered a new single. The NYC artist returned with his single, “War Vet,” which he dropped this week. Daniel AMP is not too different from a war vet, himself. Not only is he dealing with his personal battles, but there’s also the battles of getting his music placed, in various outlets.

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