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Cutway talks Florida music and culture, his new music, business endeavors, and more | HHV On The Rise

On the Rise

Cutway talks Florida music and culture, his new music, business endeavors, and more | HHV On The Rise

By Jay Rich Staff Writer

Florida has an interesting history in hip hop, dating back to 2 Live Crew that originally put the Sunshine State on the map. But, with Florida, the only city with viable stars was Miami. Since 2008, or so, an increasing amount of Florida rappers hail from other cities.

Orlando has become a hub, as has Pompano Beach, along with the city of Palm Beach. Here, Cutway is one of the guys out here trying to make it happen. Over the past year, his efforts have intensified in order to do just that.

Recently, Cutway took some time out to speak to HIP-HOPVIBE.COM for an On The Rise interview. The young rapper discussed his journey and his personal setbacks. Something everyone goes through, his family was hit hard, and he’s used this as inspiration to further his goals.

Being from Florida, there are so many rappers. How do you stand out from the rest? I just be me. A South Florida artist stands out in a room, regardless, but my music an the work I put in is evident, so I don’t see how I wouldn’t stand out.

Standing at 6’4″, were you ever attracted to playing basketball? Throughout my life, I played football and basketball. Street sh*t kinda always derailed my success with sports, but a lot of people knew me because of basketball. I played throughout middle school and some of high school, but that shit dead now I still play though.

A real Florida basketball legend, Dwyane Wade, is 6’4″ and he just retired. Were you a fan of his and what’s your take on his legacy? D Wade my favorite player of all time! I respect him and I’m thankful he played during my generation. He did a lot for South Florida and he’s a top three shooting guard, of all time, in my opinion.

As far as your influences go, you mentioned guys like Boosie and Soulja Slim. Do you feel like you, and this current era of Palm Beach rappers can do for Florida, what they did for Louisiana? Yeah. I feel like Palm Beach artists, such as myself and other artists, can do for Palm Beach as them boys did for Louisiana. Also, with a new generation coming up in Palm Beach, they look up to certain n*ggas down this way, so just speak that real sh*t an watch them follow.

You recently dropped your single, “Day Dreaming,” can you tell the fans why they should give that song a chance? “Day Dreaming” is a banger. It basically explains how the last two years of my life have been, as far as sleep, and situations I’ve been through since my brother died. Nobody really just can go to sleep like a regular family. My mama goes to sleep at like 2 every night, me and my little brother can stay up for a whole day, sometimes longer. But, the song itself is a reflection of my mind an how I think in a metaphorical type of way.

Can you talk more about your label, Fastlife Records? The label is amazing and, as far as talent, everybody on the label spazzing. When we, as a label, reach that stage, we aren’t looking back. It’s easy.

Where can fans connect with you on social media? My Instagram @Cutway.4k I’m mainly on there. Spotify, YouTube, SoundCloud, Apple Music. For my music period look up @Cutway. Twitter is @cutway_4k ill b more active on there soon.

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